Dancing For Fitness

Do you want to exercise, but you don’t enjoy running as much as some of us do? Can’t find the right cardio for you? You may not like to exercise, but maybe you love to dance? Is dancing good for fitness? Will dancing burn calories? We have you all covered!

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My daughter dances competitively and is at dance 5 days a week. She is young, but is so toned and I am always amazed. I have always enjoyed dancing, but sometimes get embarrassed dancing in front of people. Right? Anyone else feel like they might need a cocktail before they dance in public? (Raising my hand) This is why I put together a list of different ways to incorporate dance into your routine, no matter whether you are shy about it or confident.

Dancing is a very physical activity and can be easily incorporated into your fitness routine. This can be a great way to make your fitness routine something that you enjoy. When you enjoy your exercise, you may be more likely to keep up with it. You can also increase your dancing skills so that you are ready for the dance floor. Dancing can improve your health, help you lose weight, tone up, and even make you a happier person. 

Take A Dance Based Aerobics Class

One great way to incorporate dancing into your fitness routine is to take an aerobics class that incorporates dance. There are many different aerobics classes that have dancing involved. A very popular one is Zumba. Zumba combines Latin dance with other moves to provide a comprehensive cardiovascular workout. It can be a great way to get your heart rate up. It can burn a great deal of calories and help you tone up and increase your fitness level. This is very popular now and is offered in a wide variety of gyms across the country. Zumba is the modern day equivalent of Jazzercise. It is fun and usually incorporates great music. Grab some friends to join you and make a girls day out of it. 

There are many other aerobics classes that incorporate dance. They may incorporate many different other styles, including belly dancing. Many instructors who teach traditional aerobics also incorporate dance into their routines. You can ask at your gym if anyone does. 

Dance Workout DVDs

You could also look for a fitness DVD that incorporates dance. You will find a wide variety of DVDs that are specifically made for cardiovascular exercise, but also incorporate dance.

Depending on the type of dance, you may move so quick that you can get your heart rate up to the accepted level to qualify for cardiovascular exercise. This may even include country line dancing, hip hop, salsa, and other types of dancing. Even if you are not in an aerobics class and are in the comfort of your own home, it can still help with your fitness routine. Here are some off Amazon:


Classes For Adults At Your Local Dance Studio

I know where my daughter takes dance, they also offer adult dance classes. Many parents love to take a hip hop class, tap, latin, or even ballet class. Some dance studios offer monthly fees for a once a week class and others even offer drop-in rates to partake. Call around to your local dance studios to see what is offered.

Turn On Music and Just Dance

My daughter and I call this a “dance party”. We ask Alexa to play music and just dance for 20-30 min. My heart rate increases, it is in the privacy of my own home, and we always end up laughing and having fun. This is a great way to get your kids involved and up and moving too. Dance class of swing dancing

You can dance by yourself or with a partner, but make sure that your heart rate goes up to your target heart rate if you are looking to get cardiovascular exercise. Of course, it is always great to be active and it is still beneficial even if it doesn’t qualify as cardio exercise. Dance is a great addition to help tone your body and muscles that might not be used in your other cardio activities. 

Dancing is a wonderful activity to help increase your physical fitness. Dance is a great way to add some fun back into your fitness routine for a healthy, active lifestyle.

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