Creating A Fruit Charcuterie Board With Help From My Cricut

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Fruit charcuterie board

Charcuterie is the “IT” party item. Everything from standard meat and cheese charcuterie to breakfast charcuterie is making the rounds. I’m here to share with you fun ways to turn that basic fruit plate into a fun fruit charcuterie board with the help of my Cricut Explore Air 2. Fruit is a great option for parties because adults and kids can all find something they like. Here are some easy ways to turn that fruit from boring to exciting.

First, find the board you want to use. Many places have them for very affordable prices. You don’t have to break the bank. I found this wood tray at Hobby Lobby and it was also 50% off that week.

Next use your Cricut Design Center to find a design you want to put on the board. I chose a fun palm leaf and used Premium Vinyl in a glittery gold. Using your Cricut tools, weed the vinyl and apply. 

cricut vinyl transfer Don’t forget to make sure you have transfer tape too to put your final vinyl onto your board. Putting a design on the board will help add an extra pop and also make it not look empty as the food is being eaten. 

Using my Cricut I made some fun decorative screwers with cute Cricut cardstock. I made flowers and leaves in different patterned cardstock. Adding these accents to skewers and toothpicks will make the board even more lively. You can preassemble to skewers or leave them in a little cup on the board for people to skewer their own.

fruit on tray

Time to pick your fruit! Dont be afraid to think outside the box. Berries, melon and nectarines are always delicious choices, but get fruit that is in season. A fun fruit I had discovered that make fruit charcuterie that much cuter is a tiny apple. They are sweet and usually come in a package, but are basically bite size.

Fruit charcuterie board

You can use cookie cutters to make some fun fruit shapes as accents. Melon and pineapple work especially well for this.

Tip: On fruits that brown like apples, rub them with a little bit of lemon juice to keep them from browning. 

I also like to include some fun dips and sauces. Chocolate sauce, honey and a yogurt dip are always great options. 

Fruit charcuterie boardAssemble your board. Don’t try to cram it all on if it is starting to look crowded. You can also replenish as the night goes on. Don’t forget to wash your fruit! 

Some other fun ideas, add some cheese, honeycomb, or nuts to your fruit charcuterie board.

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