9 Crazy Things I Have Heard Runners Say On The Race Course

runnersI have run A LOT of races and I have heard people say a lot of crazy things while on the course. Sometimes it’s fun to take off your headphones and just listen to the people around you. It’s like people watching, but on a whole different level. Here are some of the craziest things I have heard runners say on the race course.

  1. ” I want a divorce.”– I really hope this woman saying this to her husband was a joke in the middle of what apparently was a miserable race experience for her, but he wasn’t laughing and neither was she.
  2. ” Grab some of that and rub it on your hands.”– What the person was telling her to grab was vaseline, which I don’t think either of them realized. She went on to say it helps with swelling. Ummm…no, it helps to rub in places that are chafing, but just rubbing it on your hands probably made your hands a little slimy. 
  3. ” I am running the Star Wars race at Disneyland in April.”– The races at Disneyland no longer exist and I don’t think that person realized that the race they registered for is at DISNEY WORLD.
  4. ” I hate you and I can’t believe you made me do this.”– I am pretty sure I have heard this way more than once. I really hope their friendships survived after the race was over.
  5. ” Let’s stop at the McDonald’s at mile 18.”– To each their own, but I am pretty sure this might cause my stomach to flip and I’m just trying to get to the finish line as fast as I can.

  6. ” The med tents hand out Gu on a stick. I wonder if it’s the kind with caffeine?”– Oh goodness no. Anything from a med tent on a stick is either vaseline or Biofreeze and for the love to all things holy, you do NOT want to eat any of them.
  7. ” I only have 3 gels with me.”– This was at a the start of a 5k…
  8. ” Will you teach me how to blow a snot rocket?”– I personally think snot rockets are one of the grossest things, especially when a runner runs passed you and blows one and it almost hits you.
  9. ” All I want to do is lay down and cry while someone feeds me a hamburger.”– You know, I can’t say that around mile 21 of a marathon I haven’t felt that same way. Lol

Just as a friendly reminder, be courteous to your fellow runners, walkers stay to the right, runners to the left, and please don’t eat anything on a stick from the med tent. Next time you are out there, have some fun and spark up a conversation with another runner. You never know what you will find out or maybe even make a new friend. Here are some other posts you might like:

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