Half Crazy Mama’s Holiday Gift Giveaways! Day 4- Nuun Hydration

On the forth day of Christmas my Half Crazy Mama gave to me…2 tubes of Nuun Hydration!

I love Nuun Hydration and I know a lot of runners do too.  If you have never tried it you should.  They are electrolyte enhanced drink tabs that you just drop in water and they come in all kinds of yummy flavors.


This giveaway is for 2 of my favorite flavors, grape and caffeine enhanced lemon tea.  FYI, the lemon tea is delicious served warm after a cold run 😉

One lucky person will win these 2 tubes of Nuun!
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US only please 🙂

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  1. Bonnie | 5th Dec 13

    I love nuun! I haven’t tried it warm though. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Laurel C | 5th Dec 13

    I have Nuun every day! LOVE it!!

  3. Marcia (@TooCuteRunner) | 5th Dec 13

    Nuun rocks!!!! I love it because it is perfect to fancy up boring water!

  4. Charlene | 5th Dec 13

    Had to use it for the Nike Women’s Half in DC so was forced to train with it. Haven’t had grape or lemon tea, so would love to try them!

  5. Lani (@armytbonegirl) | 5th Dec 13

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nuun!!! It’s in my water bottle every day!

  6. Miriam Neville | 5th Dec 13

    Haven’t tried Nunn Hydration but we’re always searching for new products! Can’t wait for my eyes to heal so I can begin exercising again!

  7. Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer | 5th Dec 13

    Love Nuun! I’m drinking Strawberry Lemonade right now!

  8. Teresa M. | 6th Dec 13

    I’ve never tried Nunn before.

  9. Colleen | 6th Dec 13

    I love nuun, drinking a bottle of water with grape right now.

  10. Kristen M | 6th Dec 13

    I have not yet tried Nuun. Seeing as I only hear positive reviews, I might need to change that soon!

  11. Andi M | 7th Dec 13

    I have not tried Nuun hydration yet but I need to get some of this. Everyone always has good things to say about taste and keeping hydrated.

  12. Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More | 8th Dec 13

    Love me some Nuun! Watermelon is my current favorite.

  13. Jennifer @ Teacher in Training | 8th Dec 13

    I love grape Nuun!

  14. Tanya | 9th Dec 13

    Not yet but I recently won some in a giveaway and I’m excited to try it out!

  15. ashley | 9th Dec 13

    I LOVE NUUN!!!!!

  16. Stephanie @Cat Lady Runs | 10th Dec 13

    I haven’t – so many good running products on my “to try” list!

  17. Christine @ We Run Disney | 11th Dec 13

    I love nuun – my favorite is strawberry lemonade and cheery limeade. So yummy!

  18. Ben J | 11th Dec 13

    Yes, I love Nuun. Cherry Limeade is my favorite flavor.

  19. Victoria | 11th Dec 13

    Watermelon is my fave flavor! I wish they had it year round!

  20. Jenny | 11th Dec 13

    I have never tried it, but would love to!

  21. Half Crazy Mama’s Holiday Gift Giveaways! Day 6- Starbucks!!! | | 11th Dec 13

    […] Day 4: Nuun Hydration […]

  22. Mindy @ Road Runner Girl | 11th Dec 13

    Yes but only once! And I only took a sip of a friends. Would love some of my own!

  23. Alison | 12th Dec 13

    I have not tried Nuun, but would love too. I’ve heard many great things about this product.

  24. Rosa | 12th Dec 13

    I have not tried it but I would love to!

  25. Amy Dedic | 13th Dec 13

    I have not but my husband loves it!!

  26. Doni | 13th Dec 13

    Nuun is awesome! When I was at the CIM expo, they had a great set up with cute little cups so I could try all the flavors. Somehow, I missed the lemon tea.

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