Half Crazy Mama’s Holiday Gift Giveaways! Day 10- $10 Target Gift Card!

On the tenth day of Christmas my Half Crazy Mama gave to me…a $10 Target gift card!

Ok, so who doesn’t love Target?  I can buy everything from milk to a rug to a garbage can to new nail polish all at the same location!!! I admit I do a lot of my Christmas shopping at Target.  Use the gift card to buy yourself a little present for the holidays.
This giveaway is for a $10 Target gift card.

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US only please 🙂

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Day 10: $10 Target Gift Card

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  1. Amy Simonds | 11th Dec 13

    I love to go to the little dollar section to see what “goodies” i can find.

  2. Jenny | 11th Dec 13

    We don’t have a Target near me 🙁 I haven’t been in years.

  3. Karen O | 11th Dec 13

    My favorite thing to shop for at Target is handbags. I love their selection of handbags.

  4. Mindy @ Road Runner Girl | 11th Dec 13

    I love shopping at Target for running clothes and at the dollar spot for things for my classroom!

  5. Jessie C. | 11th Dec 13

    Kids clothing and produce (at Super Target)

  6. Jessica To | 11th Dec 13

    I like to shop for toys at Target.

  7. Lisa | 11th Dec 13

    I love to shop for clothes there!

  8. Jennifer @ Teacher in Training | 11th Dec 13

    I like shopping the clothes section & the aisle with the travel-size toiletries for vacation (better selection than Wal-Mart).

  9. Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More | 12th Dec 13

    I shop for everything at Target! It’s my go-to store.

  10. Mary Happymommy | 12th Dec 13

    I like to shop for toys.

  11. Stephanie @Cat Lady Runs | 12th Dec 13

    I love to get my running clothes from Tar-jayy

  12. Ben J | 12th Dec 13

    I love getting inexpensive running clothes that I don’t care too much about at Target. Don’t have to stress if they get messed up on a training run.

  13. Laura @ Frugal Follies | 12th Dec 13

    I love to shop for kids’ clothes at Target! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Felice @ The Happy Runner | 12th Dec 13

    Umm . . . I buy pretty much everything at Target!

  15. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running | 12th Dec 13

    I love shopping for just about everything at Target, especially pantry essentials!

  16. Alison | 12th Dec 13

    I love shopping at Target, I think my favorite things are the great kids items.

  17. Angela D. | 12th Dec 13

    I love getting my kids cute clothes. That is the first thing I go for when I go to Target is the kids section 🙂

  18. Kim K. | 12th Dec 13

    I love to check out the Dollar Spot. (or is it the One spot??? I never can remember!)

  19. nevie | 12th Dec 13

    i get all my sports bras at target! cheap and always cute colors. love the seamless sports bras – unlike their regular underwire non-sports bras, their seamless sports bras are actually good quality.

  20. Ashliegh | 12th Dec 13

    I love all the clothes and accessories at Target! I also think they have some of the BEST and cutest swimsuits!

  21. meredith | 12th Dec 13

    Everything! But i like their workout gear the best

  22. Mariaelena D | 12th Dec 13

    Love shopping for baby clothes there!

  23. Tanya | 13th Dec 13

    Swimsuits! Every single one I own has come from Target!

  24. Carson | 13th Dec 13

    I love everything at Target. Especially their clearance items.

  25. Mary Gardner | 13th Dec 13

    i love shopping for groceries and diapers at Target!

  26. Marcia (@TooCuteRunner) | 13th Dec 13

    Groceries, movies, clothes, all the things!

  27. Teresa M. | 14th Dec 13

    Running clothes.

  28. Priscilla S. | 14th Dec 13

    Groceries and clothes

  29. Lauren O. | 14th Dec 13

    I like to shop for accessories and purses at Target.

  30. Ilene | 14th Dec 13

    I’ts so nice to meet you! And I’m a half crazy mama too – many times over! And I would love me a Target gift card. For milk or eggs or a new running bra for my next 13.1

  31. Lisa | 14th Dec 13

    I don’t go to Target much, but a gift card would be awesome! 🙂

  32. Helen T | 14th Dec 13


  33. Laurel C | 15th Dec 13

    Everything! Food, clothes, bits and bobs!

  34. Charlene S | 16th Dec 13

    I like to buy shampoo and conditioner at Target.

  35. Elisabeth | 16th Dec 13

    I like to buy clothes there!

  36. Maria | 16th Dec 13

    Purses and home decor!

  37. Stephanie | 17th Dec 13

    Running clothes, of course!

  38. Anne | 17th Dec 13

    Oh, target….I buy just about everything there! I do like their C9 Running clothes and get several items there.

  39. Charlene | 17th Dec 13

    My groceries are the main thing.

  40. Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer | 17th Dec 13

    Noosa! It’s this yogurt that tastes like yogurt and cream cheese, but in a healthier way. It’s YUM!

  41. Meredith | 17th Dec 13

    I like shopping for Method Mickey Mouse and Minnie soap.

  42. Carolsue | 18th Dec 13

    Lately, my favorite thing has been food! Frozen dinners, lunchmeat, produce, etc.

  43. Victoria | 18th Dec 13

    I always love target. Its a mile from my house, so I get everything and anything there!

  44. Lynda Thomas | 18th Dec 13

    I love the kid’s clothes at Target! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  45. Xiomara @ Parkesdale | 19th Dec 13

    Everything! I love their kids clothes, home accessories, toys…

  46. Jina | 19th Dec 13

    I always check out their running gear.

  47. Jennifer Speed | 19th Dec 13

    I like getting groceries and clothing.

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