Chippendales Las Vegas- Travel with Half Crazy Mama

Yep, that totally happened!  I went to Chippendales Male Revue at the Rio in Las Vegas when I was there for a media tour.  I didn’t know much about Chippendales before I went.  I was thinking along the lines of the movie “Magic Mike”.  It was a stage show that was quite entertaining and humorous at times too.  It wasn’t just male dancing.  It was little skits here and there with audience participation like a game show skit.


My favorite act was definitely the “Risky Business” one.  Think hot guys dressed like Tom Cruise with just the shirt, undies, sunglasses and socks.  The whole audience was dancing along.

Just for the record, I also saw men who appeared to be there with their wives or girlfriends, so all are welcome.  There is no full frontal total nudity.  I’m just putting that out there.

The Chippendale dancers often walk around the audience during the show and dance with ladies.  The music is fun and they have a huge variety in the show.  The guys were also VERY good looking, but that is a given right?


I had a good time and loved watching all the bachelorette parties dressed up.  If you want to go up on stage DEFINITELY wear something that says you are a bride like a crown or veil!

Chippendales was also awesome enough to gift myself and the 3 other ladies on the media tour with this awesome swag!  Can I say that I now own one of the best 2014 calendars around!?!?


Photo credit to Tracy from Mama Needs A Vacation.  Thank you Tracy!

To learn more about Chippendales Las Vegas you can visit their website here.

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I was given a free ticket to Chippendales while on a media tour with Entertainment New Media Network-Travel Division, but all opinions are always my own.