Does your child sing all the Disney Junior songs? Get them on video!

It is no secret I have a huge Disney Junior fan.  She runs around singing the Disney Junior songs all day.  Now I just need to get them on video and I can submit it to the Disney Junior Facebook page for a chance to be highlighted on WATCH Disney Junior and  Some videos will even be chosen to air on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior in April that will feature some new music-filled episodes.  Also look for the family night sing-along!

I think I’m going to try to get a video of my daughter singing Doc McStuffins “Time for you checkup, time for your checkup!”  The little dance she does along with it is pretty adorable.


Walt Disney Records is releasing “DJ Shuffle,” the first-ever Disney Junior music compilation album TUESDAY, MARCH 18.  This album will have all your little one’s favorite Disney Junior songs on it. Click on the numbers in the video below to hear what tracks are on the album.

What I’m really really excited about is on Monday, March 24, will debut the game “DJ Jamboree”.  Kids can create their own versions of Disney Junior songs.  I love anything creative that I can share with my child.

There are a ton of fun events all involving Disney Junior and the music, so keep an eye out.  I know my daughter will love all of this and I wanted to share because I think most of your little ones will too.


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 27th Feb 14

    oh wow, I think we will need this in my house!

  2. korey shuler | 11th Mar 14

    I like blue ribbon bunny and the show sarife calle

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