Changes I Am Making In 2021

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2020 taught me a lot. It probably taught all of us a lot! Because of all those learning experiences I am making some changes in 2021. I thought I would share because, while most of these are not big changes, I think they can make big impacts in my life. 

  1. Face my feelings of being overwhelmed. Baby steps. One thing at a time. When I feel overwhelmed I tend to fall down a shame spiral. Instead of worrying about everything at once (which is part of my anxiety disorder) I will tackle one thing at a time. For example, instead of feeling like my whole house is a mess and I need to clean the whole thing and then I don’t even know where to start, I will focus on one attainable goal at a time, like dust all the bedroom furniture or clean the kitchen. It is much easier to work through smaller goals than trying to tackle one overwhelming goal.
  2. Daily one line journal. This takes minutes each day, but it gives a chance to look back in the future. It doesn’t always have to be a gratitude journal because acknowledging feelings of sadness and worry are important too. I write in it right before bed. Here is the one I got off Amazon. one line a day journal
  3. Less TV, more reading. I pretty much made this change the last half of 2020, but I upped my goal for 2021. I set a goal to read 100 books in 2021. I find reading a book brings me far more joy than watching TV. Many people ask how I have time to read so much, but if I take that hour at night I use to spend watching TV and read instead it is amazing how many books I can finish.
  4. Try to loosen my grip on being a control freak. I get major anxiety when I don’t feel like things are being done right and I am a complete control freak. I totally admit it. When situations like that arise I am consciously telling myself to let it go. It will all be ok and not everything has to be done MY way to be the right way. I am working on being ok with not everything feeling completely controlled.
  5. Schedule out specific time for work. Instead of working whenever I can fit it in with everything else going on with my family, I decided to block out specific time to do my work and make sure I schedule other things around that instead of the other way around.  2021 goals written on  notebook 
  6. I will make myself a priority. I think many moms fall victim to this. This doesn’t mean my family isn’t a priority, it just means that I also deserve to be a priority. There were many days where I just wanted to go for a 30 minute run, but everyone in my family needed help with something, laundry needed to be done, food needed to be cooked, my daughter needed to go to dance and before I knew it my run didn’t take place, but I did all the things for everyone else. You know what I realized? The laundry can wait because I am priority. The laundry will get done and if it is 12 hours later, it won’t be the end of us.
  7. Unplug more. I feel like this is so cliché, but it is also so needed. Instead of my phone being the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night, I will read, write, or just relax at night instead and in the morning I will do my daily morning routine before looking at my phone.
  8. Reanimate. I chose this for my word of the year because I feel like 2020 kind of sucked the life out of me. I was going through the day to day motions, but with very little life put in each day. I want to breath life back into my daily routine. I think we can all use a little reanimation this year.

What are some fo the changes you are making this year?

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