Ch Ch Ch Changes…

In 2 weeks I am turning…(gulp) 35.  It some how snuck up on me.  I’m pretty sure I just turned 29 two seconds ago…but whatever.  It has become pretty clear that only 1 child is what was in the cards for us…so ok.  My husband is older than I am…by a pretty decent amount.  All of this was part of my husband and my on going conversation about “what next?”.  

IMG_3068So with a lot of discussion about different scenarios and options it became increasingly clear that I wanted to pursue something…so I decided to go back to school.  It has been 14 years and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared and intimidated.  I took the tests, wrote essays, passed what needed to be past and was accepted into the program I wanted.  It is notoriously a VERY hard program, but I am digging very deep inside me to convince myself that I can totally do this.  It will be part time for the most part.  I still will be mom, classroom helper, dance class chauffeur, and I will still have my blog.  Most of the program is offered with distance learning as an option (online and online conference style).  I will have to spend a couple weekends and at least a few weeks in the summer in Boston, but that will be a family adventure we are willing to tackle.

I was reluctant to share this because that tiny little voice in the back of my head is worried about failing and then being embarrassed, BUT by sharing I am putting it all out there and I feel like it will make me more accountable…right?  My husband and I have always had a saying our whole relationship, when we ask one another for advice we always say “go big or go home” so that is what I’m doing and it feels like the right decision (hopefully it will still feel that way when finals week rolls around).

Phewwww…it feels good to get that off my chest.  Has anyone else gone back to school after having a family?



  1. Vanessa | 22nd Jan 16

    Good luck in your new venture! Look at everything you have already accomplished – this should not be too hard to tackle! What school in the Boston area?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 24th Jan 16

      Thank you for the good luck! The school is Harvard 😐

  2. heathersrunningadventures | 22nd Jan 16

    This new adventure sounds great! It sounds like you’ve already wrapped your head around it and I’m sure you’ll have it all planned out. I think you will do fantastic!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 24th Jan 16

      Thank you!!! 🙂

  3. Suzanne | 23rd Jan 16

    Congrats, that’s awesome! I went back for my M.Ed. with two kids and a full time teaching job, it was challenging, but just like a road race, keep your eye on the prize and take one step at a time! Best of luck to you!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 24th Jan 16

      It is great to hear from other people who has done it. Thank you!! 🙂

  4. rsbd220 | 28th Jan 16

    Congratulations on getting into a hard program! Good luck with school!!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Jan 16

      Thank you 🙂

  5. elbowglitter | 31st Jan 16

    That is awesome! What a great way to celebrate the birthday milestone. (I hit 35 earlier this month, and… yeah. I’m celebrating by doing a half Ironman this year. I’m not old!)

    • Half Crazy Mama | 1st Feb 16

      That is SO awesome!!! I’m going to live vicariously through you for the half Ironman. It is on my “one day” I’ll do that list 🙂

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