Brownies with Hidden Spinach and Pumpkin

I recently shared an Instagram picture of Little Monkey chowing down on a brownie and she had no idea it had spinach and pumpkin in it.  I was asked by a bunch of people for the recipe, so here you go!

1 Box of Brownie Mix (I love Ghirardelli, but you can use any that you want)

3 Cups Fresh Spinach Pureed and Drained of Excess Liquid

3/4 of a Can of Pumpkin Puree ( 15 oz size can)

Do not add any ingredients from the directions of the brownie box, i.e. don’t use any eggs or oil or water, etc.  The only thing you will mix together is the dry mix, spinach, and pumpkin.

Mix the pumpkin and spinach puree with the dry brownie mix.  It should be moist and gooey.  Bake according to directions.  You can frost the brownies if you choose.  

That is all it takes!  The color comes out normal and in my opinion it doesn’t taste like vegetables at all. Little Monkey is a great eater as far as salmon, hummus, trout, and protein heavy foods, but she is almost impossible to get vegetables in.  I do what I can to hide veggies when I need to.  I also have a turkey meatball recipe with hidden squash, mushrooms and onions in it (click here for recipe).  She loves those meatballs and has no idea they are packed with veggies.