Brooks Levitate 4 Review

Thank you to Brooks for sending me the new Levitate 4. I am part of the Brooke Run Happy Team. All opinions are always my own. running shoes brooks levitate 4

Are you looking for a new pair of trainers? Trying to find the best running shoes? Here is my review of the Brooks Levitate 4.


Levitate 4 came out August 1, 2020. First off, Levitate 4 is a neutral running shoe. (If you are looking for a stability shoe with similar characteristics check out Brooks Bedlam 3). Brooks categorizes Levitate 4 as a “energize” shoe, returning energy with every step. 

The midsole drop on the Levitate 4 is 8mm. The weight for the women’s shoe is 9.2oz and the men’s is 10.3oz. The arch is medium too high. These shoes are designed for road running.   brooks running shoes

What’s New?

If you have had the previous Levitate model, here is what has changed. They reformulated DNA AMP and is now 20% lighter. This allows for a your foot to spring off the ground with each step for speedy, efficient energy return. They updated the Fit Knit upper and it is softer, lighter, and more breathable than before. And also updated outsole pattern speeds up transitions. So if you have loved the previous model you will love this one too because who doesn’t love a lighter shoe? Brooks also updated the tread, which is now an arrow-point pattern on the outsole, which lets your foot move from heel to toe quickly, inhaling the shoe’s springy feel. brooks running shoe sole

Who This Shoe Is For

Levitate 4 is for a neutral runner who wants a shoe that helps them by giving back some energy. This trainer is knit wrap around collar, sock like structure, not a typical tongue. The shoe offers cushion, but fast and not super soft like Ghost or Glycerin models. This is part of the category difference and why this shoe is Energize and why Ghost and Glycerin are both Cushion category. 

My Thoughts On Levitate 4

Levitate 4 is a great trainer for speed. If you liked previous Levitate models you will not be disappointed with Levitate 4. If you are a fan of knit shoes, definitely give these a try! They are very different from the Ghost and Glycerin, which are a much cushy softer shoe. I also love the Revel, which is in the energize category as well, but are not nearly as much shoe as the Levitate 4, to give you an idea. I would definitely recommend Levitate 4 to my friends who are looking for speed while long distance running, those wanting some cushion without sacrificing speed for it. running shoes brooks

Check out Brooks Levitate 4 here.

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