Brooks Launch 6 Running Shoe Review

Here is a full review, specs, and details about Brooks Launch 6 running shoe trainer.

Brooks Launch 6 Details 

The Launch 6 was released December 2018. It combines the speed of a racing flat with the cushion and durability of a trainer. Brooks always rolls out a bunch of color combinations, and the Launch 6 is no exception. Plenty of color ways to choose from.

Details According to Brooks:

  • BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning and rebounding rubber create a springy feel underfoot.
  • The Midfoot Transition Zone is shaped to go from heel to toe quickly.
  • The one-piece mesh upper and internal bootie are so light and breezy, they feel like they’re not even there.

Brooks Launch 6 Specs:

Support: Neutral

Midsole Drop: 10mm

Weight: 8oz (women)

Arch: Medium, High (I would consider these far more medium and not high, even though Brooks lists them med./high)

Experience Type: Energize 

Use: Road Running

What’s the Difference Between Brooks Launch 5 and Launch 6?

The answer is an updated midsole with additional foam under the forefoot. Brooks describes this as “longer lasting energizing run experience.”

Brooks Launch vs. Brooks Ghost

Which one is better, Brooks Launch or Brooks Ghost? This is totally a subjective questions, BUT here are my thoughts. I have had Ghosts in the past, but this is the first time I have ran in Launch. I can say I definitely prefer these Launch 6 to Brooks Ghost. Ghost is more shoe than Launch, so if that is your thing then you probably want to stick with Ghost. Ghost has more cushion and is a little heavier. Launch is super light weight. I tend to prefer a thinner shoe, but still have cushion and Launch 6 checks all those boxes.

Brooks Launch 6 Real Life Review

This is my first pair of Brooks in a couple years. I am loving them. I have about 50 miles on this pair of Brooks Launch 6 so far. I will update when I am in higher mileage and let you know how they are holding up. 

The toe box on the Launch 6 is perfect. It is ample space, not too tight and not too large. It’s like the Goldilocks of toe boxes. 

Let’s talk SIZING! I am a street shoe women’s 8. In running shoes though I fluctuate depending on brand between an 8 to 8.5. I got these in 8.5 and I am very happy about that decision. I would recommend going half size up from your street size.

The cushion is responsive, but not super soft. I don’t like feeling like I’m running on a marshmallow, which I sometimes felt like with Ghost. 

The colorways they are offering are fun. I love the knit multicolored Launch 6 I got. Mine are “Color: 423”. 

My only complaint would be that the laces could be an inch longer. I don’t want a super long lace, but I always double knot and these seem a little shorter than other running shoe laces. 

The price is reasonable for running shoes. The normal price on Brooks website is $100, which to me is a pretty good price compared to some trainers creeping close to $150 these days. 

This trainer is springy and quick. It is a great shoe if you are looking for something with more cushioning than a racing flat, but not as much cushion as Ghost. 

Here is a link to find the Brooks Launch 6 on Amazon with Prime shipping!


Find more information on Brooks Website.

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