You Know You Were Born In The 80’s If…

Here is my own personal list reminiscing about my childhood.  You know you were born in the 80’s if:

You made snow cones with one of these:

You watched Beverly Hills Teen.

You wore a pair of these:


Your first crush was on one of the New Kids On The Block.

You rocked out with this:

Cotton candy cocoons anyone?  You watched this at your sleepovers:

You had a Popple.


You were afraid of Professor Coldheart from the CareBears.


You remember that Berlin use to have a wall.


You thought this was an awesome movie:

You dreamed of owning a Delorean.


You didn’t want your parents to get gas at Exxon because of the oil spill.


You owned t-shirt buckles in every color to match every outfit.


Katarina Witt winning gold for her skating performance to Michael Jackson’s Bad at the Olympics made you want to become a figure skater.


You asked for a Peaches ‘N Cream Barbie for Christmas.

Last but certainly not least, you thought it was totally normal for women to work out looking like this:


Do you have a favorite 80’s memory?


  1. Miriam Neville (@NevilleMiriam) | 5th Jun 14

    Yes, I made snowcones with one of those!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Jun 14

      I also cut part of my knuckle off on the sharp part inside the snoopy snow cone maker as a kid. I saw one for sale at Toys R Us. I wonder if they have changed the safety precautions of it? lol

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