Blogging Conference Workshops Designed to Help Elevate Your Brand

Whether you currently have a blog or your are wanting to start one, these events are a must! My friend, Cam Bowman, and I started the company FLOCK. We both have had our blogs for years, have attended a lot of conferences, and love the community we meet. The one thing we always wished though was that the sessions dug deeper into the topics. We created FLOCK as a supplement to conferences. We want bloggers and influencers to gather together, gain knowledge on a specific topic, and help grow their blogs. These are designed to help monetize, increase page views, and learn all about the best practices for today’s world.

We have three upcoming events. Our first is in September all about SEO being held in San Diego. This event is designed for bloggers using WordPress and will explain the Yoast plug-in, Google Search Console, and everything you should be doing to help your SEO. The event is being held at beautiful Shelter Island and there is a discounted room block for only $169 a night. Even if you don’t live nearby, this event is worthwhile to help you get to that next level of blogging and increase your page views.  

Our second event is all about Pinterest and being held at the Disneyland Hotel! Pinterest is a huge traffic generator for blogs when done right. Learn for experts Becca Ludlum, Leslie Harvey, and Tracey Clark about Pinterest best practices, how to create images, what tools you should be using, and how to maximize views (among lots more content). Learn about using Canva and Tailwind and how to take great photos for your images. We have a discounted room block at the Disneyland Hotel for this event. 

The third event is all about travel blogging in Nashville. If you want to learn about travel blogging this is the event you need to attend! You will learn how to pitch hotels and travel companies. What stories to write about and how to create great travel content. We have a discounted hotel room block at the Thompson Nashville! 

Because you guys are awesome I am giving my readers a discount code for $75 off any tickets! That is like 50% off! Use code HALFCRAZYMAMA for $75 off your ticket, but hurry because they won’t last long


  1. Ranelle Emma | 30th Jul 18

    Wow what a great idea those conferences sound really dun and helpful too!

  2. Jane | 30th Jul 18

    These all sound geat! And what an escuse I would have for going to Sand Diego. And then next one sounds fantastic too and for closer in Nashville. Almost makes me want to start blogging about travel. Will share this for those who can make it.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Jul 18

      Thank you! They are all going to be such great events to learn and be able for people to grow their blogs. Definitely worth the time to travel to make it to the event. Hopefully the discount code helps offset some of the cost for people. ?

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