My Birthday Checkin

I thought I would do a birthday checkin.  This way, one day, when my daughter is older and ever looks back and wants to read her mom’s blog she will see how my 33rd birthday is going. haha

First, my husband was awesome enough to get something for my birthday.  Are you ready for this…he got…a frickin speeding ticket!  Ughhhhh

This was in the morning, so my birthday was bound to look up.  I hit the gym and when I checked in the man at the desk wished me a happy birthday.  That was nice of him and the automated system 🙂

I ran 3.3 miles on the treadmill in honor of my 33rd bday.  Thank you to one of my awesome readers Leslee for the idea, since my husband threatened to divorce me if I ran 33 miles on my birthday.

I had a fun interview with Mom Talk Radio this morning and it will air Sunday evening.  I am on the segment called Spotlight on Moms.

I picked up my daughter from preschool and she told me she had “a great idea” for my birthday.  Her idea was to go to her favorite toy store.  I love how the mind of a 3 year old works.  I told her that for MY birthday I didn’t really want to go to a toy store.  She said she had another idea.  We could go see Frozen again…for the 4th time.  That sounded a little better to me, so we did.  I think Olaf might be one of my favorite characters of all time.  I like warm hugs too 😉

My husband joined us half way through the movie which was a nice surprise.  We are heading to one of my favorite places for dinner, where not so coincidently one of my best friends works.  It is a nice restaurant, so we are going right when they open at 5:00…just in case my daughter has a 3 year old meltdown we can make a quick escape and not bother to many people.

All in all it has been a nice day.

Thank you to so many of you awesome people for all the birthday love!


  1. Vanessa | 5th Feb 14

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Great way to celebrate you!

  2. Leslee | 5th Feb 14

    Happy, HAPPY Birthday Emelia!!! I’m glad you got your ‘personalized’ run in today… I’ve done similar for the last 3 years myself 🙂

    Sorry about hubs’ morning but kudos to gym guy for making you feel special!

  3. Norma Ausejo | 5th Feb 14

    Hope your Special Day is filled with lots of Love, Laughter, and Friends!
    Blessings to you!!!
    Happy Birthday !!!!

  4. Amanda Her | 5th Feb 14

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one. 🙂

  5. Pam | 5th Feb 14

    Sorry you missed the toy store! Don’t you love how 3 year olds think? Hilarious! I hope your dinner was wonderful and meltdown free! Belated Happy Birthday!

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