Big Sur 9 Miler Recap

I ran the Big Sur 9 Miler for the second year in a row.  The course is basically a loop.  It starts in Carmel and you run along the coast through Point Lobos Park.  It is beautiful out there, but definitely not flat.  The Big Sur Marathon, 21 Miler, 10.6 Miler, 9 Miler and 5k are all ran on the same morning.

photo 1

I live about 1.5 hours from the race so I got up at 4am to allow plenty of time to drive down.  It was an early morning, but luckily not raining like it was originally predicted.

photo 2

I came down with a cold 4 days before the race which wasn’t super awesome, but I did better then I anticipated.  I ran 10 minute miles with the cold and the hills and I felt good.

photo 4

It was only about 52 degrees so I wore my INKnBURN Tech Tube to help keep my ears warm and sweat off my forehead.  I wore my INKnBURN sleeves with the tech shirt for some added warmth without being to hot.

photo 3

I love coastal runs.  You can’t ask for prettier views.  The water stations and volunteers were awesome.  I loved the various bands along the course, especially the group of bag pipe players.

photo 5

The Big Sur Medals are always ceramic with a leather strap.  I think they are fun and different.

I had a fun race and it was great to see the Big Sur Marathon winner finish not long after I did. 🙂


  1. beautea97 | 7th May 14

    I love running Big Sur! SO SCENIC!!! I too think their ‘medals’ are awesome as they are so different than all the rest 🙂 Great job on your finish even after having been sick 🙁 BOO!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 9th May 14

      Thank you Leslee. I agree that the Big Sur courses are some of the prettiest in the world for sure!

  2. blkjkrabbit66 | 10th May 14

    You are a superstar. I got to run the 21 miler and it was nothing short of spectacular. The races were so well organized and meeting runners from around the globe was a treat. Hope your cold is now in the past and you are out enjoying Spring.

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