Big Reebok Spartan Race News

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Reebok Spartan Race has big news.  First up, the 2015 World Championship Spartan Race is moving to Lake Tahoe in 2015!  Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places on Earth, so this is exciting.

Spartan Race is now offering a “Season Pass” for 2015.  $450 gets you all the races you want to run and other perks.


In March the Spartan Race is offering a cruise in the Bahamas.  Check it out for more info.


Check out the new podcast! Joe Desena, founder & CEO of Spartan Race and NY Times best-selling author, travels the globe seeking answers from experts like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Pressfield, Barbell Shrugged, and many more. Joe’s interviews with authors, academics, athletes, adventurers, CEOs and thought leaders will shift your thinking, make you laugh and and give you the tools you need. He’s on a mission to find the secrets to success in all aspects of life. Not only does Joe interview epic people, he has brought together an amazing panel to break down and analyze every aspect of these interviews. We give you the ultimate blueprint and action steps to assimilating these powerful conversations into your own life. The show will premiere the first week of January 2015.

Lots of big news!

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Last but not least, I have a Spartan Race entry to give away!  The race entry is good for any open heat in any Spartan Race in the continental US.  ENTER THE GIVEAWAY BELOW:

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  1. Dawn Skalberg Miller | 24th Dec 14


  2. Miriam Neville (@NevilleMiriam) | 24th Dec 14

    Love the $450 ALL Spartan Race heats and free bag check! Think this is going to be a Spartan Pass Year!

  3. Marina Oros | 25th Dec 14

    The cruise to the Bahamas sounds pretty dang nice!

  4. Larissa Milano | 27th Dec 14

    Super exited about the world championships in Lake Tahoe!! Finally one close to where I live 🙂

  5. Alberto | 27th Dec 14

    I’m really excited about the Ultra Beast in Vermont!

  6. Seth @ Giveaway Guy | 29th Dec 14

    The news that Fenway Park will be a race option again is awesome, and I’m looking forward to that.

  7. warriordasher2011 | 29th Dec 14

    I think this year is the year of the ultra beast for myself. Can’t make the WC in Lake Tahoe, so might as well try something a bit harder

  8. Jon Stephenson | 30th Dec 14

    The Super in Palmerton, PA

  9. Jill | 30th Dec 14

    Looking forward to doing the Beast in Ohio in May as opposed to October since it wont be as cold! BRRR. Hopefully I can race free 😀

  10. Samantha | 1st Jan 15

    I was excited to hear that there will be 2 Sprints and a Super at Blue Mtn. this year!!

  11. Olive (@OliveToRunALot) | 1st Jan 15

    The Dallas beast is one I’d like to give a go to.

  12. Bob | 2nd Jan 15

    I’m excited for Tampa.

  13. Crystal Duff | 2nd Jan 15

    I’d love to do the Spartan cruise!

  14. jasper | 5th Jan 15

    i’d like to head to vermont to see what the hype is all about…

  15. Joe Mattingly | 5th Jan 15

    Thanks for the contest!

  16. Concordian 925 (@concordian925) | 5th Jan 15

    I like the sounds of the AT&T Park Sprint in SF.

  17. Poly Clayton | 6th Jan 15


  18. Heather Sue | 6th Jan 15


  19. Marie Hare | 6th Jan 15

    any Cali race

  20. Ashley | 6th Jan 15

    I really like that they have added more locations!

  21. Sadie B. | 7th Jan 15

    I can’t wait to race the Ohio Sprint.

  22. Stephanie O'Day | 7th Jan 15

    I love that they are offering a “season pass!!”

  23. Jennifer Anne | 7th Jan 15

    The season pass sounds awesome!

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