Best Winter Running Products and Gear

This post contains some affiliate links.  That means if you want to buy the product I get paid a small amount from them. Runners, cold weather is upon us!  Running in the snow, rain, sleet, and cold air can be tough.  You need the right running gear and products to make it a little more tolerable.  Wearing winter running clothes can take a miserable training run and turn it into a fun run again.  Here are some of my favorite winter running products:

Keep your ears warm without sacrificing your ponytail!  

Don’t slip on the ice. Keep yourself safe with these cleats that strap on to your running shoes.

A base layer is necessary to keep you warm, but you want to make sure it is wicking so your sweat doesn’t collect and make you even more cold.

These gloves will keep your hands warm, but you can still change the song on your phone without having to take them off!

Cold weather running socks are important because you don’t want to lose feeling to your toesies!

A mask to keep your face from feeling like it is going to fall off is always a plus.

Hot Hands are a life safer for cold runs. Also great to help stay warm while waiting to start a race in a cold holding corral!

When running in the cold you will want a jacket.  It is important though that the jacket is warm, but also breathable.

Do you have a favorite cold weather running product?

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