Best Products for Dialysis Patients

Best Products for Dialysis Patients

I am going to start by saying I am not a healthcare professional and any questions or changes should be discussed with your doctor.

My husband is on kidney dialysis. He had a very extensive heart surgery that, unfortunately, his kidneys didn’t recover from. He has to be there roughly 15 hours a week. It becomes a little taxing on the body, so we started to look for products that might help the comfort level. These are products that we discovered that made his dialysis life a little easier and a little better.

Here are the Best Products for Dialysis Patients:

Dialysis Sweatshirt with Arm Zippers– When he first started dialysis he had a perm cath (tubes coming out of his chest) that would be used, but as time when on they did a surgery to treat what is called a fistula on his arm. This sweatshirt is much easier to gain access to the fistula on the arm while still being warm in the sweatshirt.

dialysis arm zipper sweatshirt

Long Sleeve Shirt with Chest Access– Before the fistula on the arm, we found this shirt with chest access great to be able to get to the perm cath.

Shirt with chest access for medical care

Chair Cushion– With everything medically going on with my husband, there isn’t a lot of, to put it bluntly, meat on his bones, so sitting for hours are dialysis started to become very uncomfortable on his tailbone. We found this memory foam chair cushion to be very helpful.

chair cushion for dialysis

Nugget Ice Maker– Because he retains so much fluid he has to watch his fluid intake. So when he is feeling thirsty, instead of gulping down a bunch of water he sucks on some ice. This ice maker makes the small nugget ice cubes.

nugget ice maker

Arm Cushion– Once my husband switched from using the chest port to using the fistula on his arm, it changed the setup. So now his arm would be taped down to the char, which in itself is pretty uncomfortable. We found that arm pad that has a strap to be more comfortable and easier to keep his arm still for 4 hours.

dialysis and infusion arm pad cushion

I hope these products can help you or your loved one as well.

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Best Products for Dialysis Patients