Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Workout

Intrigued by podcasts, but you are not sure if you have time to devote to something new? Finding time to complete a workout is a challenge for busy parents and professionals and creating a workout routine is especially difficult when training for an event.  We all know that a great playlist is a wonderful motivator, but sometimes what we need to push through is a little distraction in our ears. Podcasts are not only free and readily available, but they are also entertaining and a great way to engage your mind while pushing your body. Here are some of the best podcasts to consider listening to while you workout. Best Podcasts To Listen To While You Workout 2

Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Workout

Mom is in control

This content is incredibly inspiring by Heather Chauvin. She is optimistic and motivating. As you listen to this capable and goal oriented woman, you cannot help but push yourself. Her episodes are not full of cheerleading and empty promises but this podcast offers sound advice regarding fitness, business, nutrition, and health. If you are looking for a podcast to inspire you as you workout check out Mom is in control. 


Crime Junkies

This program is addictive! Each episode delves into a true crime case. Some are currently active cases while others have been unsolved for decades. Of course there are many popular true crime podcasts, I chose Crime Junkies because these ladies are so genuinely interested and invested in these cases. The best part about this podcast is that a long run or workout flies by while you listen. These true stories of crime and violence will however make you look extra closely to each car that drives by and you may jump at every fellow runner you meet or stray cat you encounter! How to pick a podcast


This one features techno music at various beats per minute. Running to these beats feels reminiscent of my days taking piano lessons. The metronome kept my pace steady discouraging me from dragging or rushing the song. Running to Podrunner helps my running times be more consistent and while I love lyrics sometimes I just need to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other at 157 BTM.


This podcast is for everyone who has had to overcome something in pursuit of a goal. Whether it is an injury, a diagnosis or a new challenge this is a podcast to help you work through an obstacle. Each episode is around one hour, making this one a great choice if you need to set out for a moderate to long run. As a bonus between each weekly episode, there is a #Hurdlemoment of less than ten minutes. These small doses of motivation are perfect opportunities to gain some inspiration during a warm-up or if you are looking to ease into podcasts these short episodes are an ideal starting point.  


Podcasts are surging in popularity. Whatever your niche, you will likely find a number of podcasts devoted to it. If your passions include running and knitting then there are podcasts that allow you to listen about knitting while you are on your daily run. I will warn you though, when you start delving into the realm of podcasts, you may find the number of choices overwhelming and the quality of the programs vary considerably. I can however attest that these are among the best podcasts to listen to while you workout. Still looking for other Podcasts? Ask your Facebook friends! I guarantee that some of your friends either have their own podcasts, or have their favorite ones to listen to. Post the question and see the answers! 

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