Hello world!

I decided to share with the world the knowledge I have gained while figuring out mamahood.  Welcome!  I will share all that I know about being a mom, staying active, traveling with a small child and anything and everything else that comes up.

About me, I am a female who is a smidge over 30. I am a mom to a beautiful, crazy, amazing, bossy, hilarious, smarty pants daughter who is currently 2.5 years old.  We travel A LOT.  I have found a love for running primarily half marathons, with an occasional full thrown in.  13.1 because I’m only a HALF CRAZY MAMA.  Get it?  Ya, I thought so too.

I struggle with keeping my sanity, finding enough time, keeping the house clean, finding new recipes to cook, getting motivated to run, my penmanship, 2 year old tantrums, products that don’t live up to expectations, b*tchy flight attendants who think my daughter will automatically cry, miscommunication with my husband, potty training, and the list goes on.  This just means that I am a good mom, person, wife, and friend because I can admit it.  I will never say I have it all together because no one ever does, even those moms that look like they do.  I will just offer some helpful suggestions on how to try to overcome some obstacles.

Peace, Love, and Run

Half Crazy Mama


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