Awesome Core Strengthening and Convenient- ActivMotion Bar Review

Thank you to ActivMotion Bar and FitApproch for sponsoring todays post. 

10407329_776478072448509_1532012899392353960_nI didn’t really know what to expect when I first got the ActivMotion Bar.  My set came with 5 DVDs.  Upon taking the ActivMotion Bar out of the box I could hear the steel weights inside rolling from one side to the other when I would tilt the bar. These steel weights is what makes the ActivMotion Bar a super great workout since they are always moving inside.  Talk about improving my balance!  Balancing on one foot and rowing with the bar that is always moving inside is an amazing exercise.  


I popped in the first DVD and in the first 5 minutes knew this is a program, product, and workout that I loved.  It is a great compliment to all the running I do.  I have tried various other forms of cross training and I found that ActivMotion Bar incorporates the all those same ideas into one workout.  It tackles balance, strength, core work, all while burning calories. Who doesn’t like that right?  A great advantage of ActivMotion Bar is that you can use it at any fitness level.  It is super versatile for everyone from just starting to get in shape to a fitness fanatic.  My husband is a big golfer and he is intrigued about using it for golf training. 

The “Movement Library” on the ActivMotion Bar website is a great place to start and check out different moves to get some ideas.  

The ActivMotion Bar comes in different weights ranging from 8LBs to 18LBs. Check out the website for more information and to checkout the different DVDs.

Another bonus about the ActivMotion Bar is the convenience of it!  There is no bulky equipment.  The ActivMotion Bar fits behind my bedroom door between workouts and it isn’t laying around taking up space.  It is also out of site of my 4 year old, so she doesn’t play with it constantly. 

I love the ActivMotion Bar and definitely recommend it for everyone of all fitness levels.


  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 3rd Feb 15

    Interesting. It’s amazing what they can come up with next! Glad you found something you love!

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