At-Home Remote Learning Tips for Kids and Parents

child doing work at homeWhen it comes to a new normal, one area that’s changed a lot for families of school-aged children is the remote learning experience. With most schools shutdown and transitioned over to at-home distance learning for the remainder of the school year and possibly next year, many parents and kids are struggling to make this a successful experience. We only have a few more weeks to hang in there. I put together some tips to help you get through this last month. 

I can understand how hard it is to handle at-home remote learning on top of everything else going on. Perhaps you’re an essential worker and your kids are left home alone to be trusted to complete their at-home remote learning schoolwork, it might be that your kids are simply not use to using electronics to complete their schoolwork, it could be the mom/child teaching dynamic just doesn’t work well for your family. 


Whatever your issue is right now with the at-home remote learning experience, I’m confident that my tips will help you survive and in turn, be successful with this new way to get your kids educated properly. 

At-Home Remote Learning Tips for Kids and Parents

Create a Comfy Spot

Try your best to recreate a school environment at home. This could be creating a comfy spot in the family room or home office for your kids to attend school in a remote setting. You’ll need a comfortable chair, a desk for your kid, and a computer to use for remote learning. If you must share a device, then you may want to adjust your family computer area so that it’s a more comfortable spot free of distractions for learning time. 

Encourage Breaks

Develop an at-home remote learning schedule, if possible. I’m not sure if your school has a strict schedule put in place for the students, but if they don’t, then you can create a school-like routine at home so that your kids are able to take a digital break. Write a schedule down so that your kids can see when it’s time to take a break for snack or lunch just like they would do when they’re attending school outside of the home. boy on computer

Talk to The Teacher

I’ve heard some teachers are easier than others to communicate with during this at-home remote learning time, but it’s important that you try to talk to the teacher. This will help you and your kid stay on track as well as to continue keeping up with their teacher’s expectations by having a virtual video meeting or email conversation. The teachers are still on duty to assist you with this new change, but remember to be patient because they’re learning what will work best for their students in this new remote learning education too. 

Give Some Freedom

It’s important that you give your kids some freedom to participate in their at-home remote learning sessions without you hanging over their shoulders. I understand that some kids will need this extra supervision, so feel out how your kid is doing with remote learning before you smother them or lecture them about schoolwork. Give your kids a chance to have some freedom with their learning style and what time they get their schoolwork done. Remember your kids are going through a stressful time too, so it’s best to practice extra patient and trust during this time. 

This new chapter will not last forever (hopefully), but for now, I wanted to make sure that you had a few positive tips for at-home remote learning. These tips will help you survive this chapter of home education as your kids work to complete all of their schoolwork and finish out the school year.


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