Answering Search Term Questions Wednesday

I love looking through the list of what search terms have brought people to my site.  Some of the people search for a question that I don’t specifically have an answer for on my site, so I thought to myself “Hey Emelia, why don’t you write a post answering some of these random questions?”  This is how this post was born.  I hope you enjoy and for those of you that searched one of these terms I hope you found your answer.

These are all actual search terms that somehow led people to my website.

“Are longer races harder than shorter races?” – Survey says…yes.  Generally speaking, the longer the race, the more difficult it is.  There are a couple exceptions to this rule such as maybe an obstacle race or hills vs. flat, but overall it is a yes.

“Mom bought me a beach ball but it was too big for me to blow up so how do I do it?”– (This really was a search term) I’m not a beach ball expert, but I would recommend an air pump.

“Is being a mom hard?” – I’m not really sure what the person searching for this was looking for, but I’ll just say YES!  It is the hardest job you will ever have, BUT it is also the most rewarding and amazing job you will ever have.

“Should I buy my mom a mothers day present?”– Yes, that is a yes, or you can make one, but always give your mom at least a card.  After all she did give birth to you.

“Why am I craving brownies?”– Probably because they are delicious.

“Is it Friday?”– That all depends on what day you searched for that answer, but you have a 1 in 7 chance.

“What will the Dopey medal look like?” – That is a good question that I can’t wait to find out the answer to also!  In runDisney fashion we will probably get a sneak peak sometime at the end of summer I would think.

“When do you usually get finishers medal?”– Usually shortly after you cross the finish line there will be volunteers giving them to the finishers.  I have only had one race where this wasn’t the case and that is only because they were shipped the wrong medals and they were later mailed to us.

“How do I sell a runDisney race bib?”– First off, DON’T DO IT!  This isn’t ok and both the person selling and the person buying can be banned.  Second, if you contact runDisney early enough they usually let you defer to another race, so no need to sell.

Stay tuned for future “Answering Search Term Questions” posts!


Anyone have a funny search term you have seen or searched for yourself?



  1. Samantha K | 6th Jun 13

    OMG This is great! I LOVE looking at the search terms and thinking how the heck they lead someone to my site.
    (PS Welcome to Social Fabric)

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Jun 13

      Thank you! I am very excited to be part of Social Fabric! 🙂

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