Announcing the New Addition to Our Family!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy to announce the newest addition to our family.  A baby boy weighing 5lbs… a fur baby that is 🙂

His name is Gus Gus, after one of our favorite Disney characters.  He loves to eat, chew, play, and sleep.  We are thrilled to welcome him to our family.  He is a Boston Terrier and will probably end up being around 10-12 lbs.  

After having to say goodbye to our 14.5 year old beagle 2 years ago it took me that time to heal enough to be ready to welcome another dog into our home.  I missed having dog cuddles and kisses and the unconditional love they give.  Gus Gus is beautiful.  He is the perfect addition.  

I kind of forgot how crazy puppies can be though.  He is definitely keeping me on my toes.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. beautea97 | 24th Jan 17

    He is adorable, and that name…

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