An Epic Time at the Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate

My family and I were lucky enough to attend the Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate at Dos Pueblos Ranch in Santa Barbara and it was definitely Epic!

Dos Pueblos Ranch has a rich history and is absolutely gorgeous.  It was originally home for the Canalinos, a group of Native Americans that were a sub-divions of the Chumash.  Juan Cabrillo anchored directly off the coast from the beach in 1542 and saw the two settlements of Native American on both sides of the river canyon and called it Los Dos Pueblos and the name stuck.  I loved learning and reading about the history about this amazing ranch.

The event was set up beautifully.  There was benches and hay bails around for plenty of seating as well of shabby chic chaise chairs and daybeds.

photo 1


We arrived at 9 and were given a map and some info about the day.  They had a breakfast buffet out for those that were hungry and most importantly COFFEE!

photo 5

There was a nifty schedule board that showed us what workshops were offered at what times.

photo 4


We first went to Sand Art which was right up my 3 year olds alley.  There was different colored sand in bottles and you decorate a square.  My daughter kept going and going and going.

photo 5 photo 2 photo 3


We also went to balloon sculpture where we all got balloon swords and we watching the man make a really cool balloon hat!

photo 3photo 3

There was a Paper Rockets workshop where you could build a paper rocket and than launch it with the help of a bike pump.  It was a little over my 3 year olds head though, so she quickly decided she would rather play with the hula hoops.

photo 1photo 4 DSC_0734 DSC_0733


After all this fun it was time for a mid morning snack.  They brought out trays of all kinds of sandwiches.  My daughter loved this along with a cup of cold lemonade.

photo 1 photo 4

The workshops went on all day long as well as group activities like dress up as a tinfoil viking and participate in a whip cream beard relay and an epic paint fight!

photo 1 photo 3

There was even a “quiet tent” provided which was nice with a 3 year old.  There were pillows, blankets and books.  My 3 year old and I went in there mid afternoon for some quiet time in place of a nap.

photo 5

For lunch there was all sorts of BBQ, salads, and corn and later there was an ice cream buffet!  Yum!

photo 3


Epic Volleyball was tons of fun too, but my 3 year old of course just loved the beach balls that were as big as she was!

DSC_0750 DSC_0744 photo 4 photo 5

Last but certainly not least the Hyundai Santa Fe was there for us to look at too and I was quite impressed.  The gas mileage and features are amazing especially for the reasonable price tag that it comes with.

photo 2


We had an EPIC day.  It was great quality family time.  The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be outdoors and enjoy it.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.