We Had A Very American Girl Doll Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  Santa successfully made it to our house and brought Caroline and Emily, the American Girl dolls my daughter asked for, BUT he also brought new clothes for the other dolls!  Lucky girl!

I don’t know who has more fun dressing them and doing their hair, me or my daughter.

I’m sure I would love having a son too, but these moments getting to play with dolls again is pretty amazingly awesome.

If anyone else is an American Girl fan this is a SPOILER ALERT!!!

Rumor is the girl of the year for 2014 is Isabelle, who is a blonde ballet dancer.  Saige was the girl of the year for 2013.

Molly and Emily are being retired and almost everything for them is sold out online and in stores.  Same with Saige since her year is coming to an end.

I remember when I was young the American Girl company first started and we got the catalogs.  I would go through and circle everything I wanted, but it was never in the budget for my family.  Now my daughter is lucky enough to have 2 aunts, a mom and a nana that love playing dolls with her which means she gets the accessories as presents for birthdays and holidays.


Anyone else out there an American Girl doll fan?


  1. Denise | 26th Dec 13

    My daughter got her first doll today. I haven’t quite figured it all out. Santa brought the doll that looks like her. Do they have names?

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