All natural energy gel? Yes Please! Huma Chia Energy Gel Review

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When it comes to energy gels, chomps, beans, pills, drinks, etc it is a little of a love hate battle for me.  I love the energy I get from them when running and they really do make a significant difference.  I don’t however like the flavor of most and neither does my gag reflex.  I tried fruit flavored gels and felt like they had a metallic after taste.  I typically use vanilla, chocolate, or mocha flavored gels because I feel they taste a little like pudding and can choke them down easier.  So when I found out about Huma Chia Energy Gel and that is was all natural I was very excited.

I was a little skeptical at first only because of the fruit flavors it comes in, but it tastes NOTHING like the unpleasant metallic fruit flavors I was use to.  It tastes natural, which is a whole new concept for me with energy gel.  I work so hard at eating organic, natural, non-GMO on my everyday life that being introduced to Huma Chia Energy Gel put a smile on my face.  The apple and cinnamon flavor tastes like apple pie and the strawberry tastes like pureed strawberry preserve.

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I took one pouch 30 min before my run and than another 45 min into my run and I felt great!  I felt they worked just as well as any other gels I have used if not better, plus the taste was much more pleasant.  I also have a sensitive stomach and I was totally fine!  No stomach issues at all!  Of course just to make sure I tried them on 2 long runs on different days and had the same results both times.

I love chia seed and put it in my morning green smoothie everyday.  If you don’t know about chia seed here is some great info from the Huma Gel website:

Chia seeds have a long history as an endurance fuel. Ancient Aztec tradition held that an ounce of chia seeds could sustain a warrior for 24 hours. Today, chia is considered a superfood because:

  • It has more Omega-3’s than any other crop in the world (Omega-3’s reduce inflammation)
  • It has more antioxidants than blueberries (protecting your body from free-radicals)
  • It is a complete protein, providing you with all 9 Essential Amino Acids (important for preventing muscle breakdown when exercising longer than 2 hours)
  • It has 25% soluble fiber. A chia seed can absorb 9-12x its bodyweight in water. This is especially important for Hüma because it creates a small barrier to absorption, which then prevents sugar spikes/flash crashes.

Their website is packed full of more information.

Huma Gel full nutrition info is also on their website.

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I highly recommend Huma Gel.  It provided great all natural energy, no stomach upset, had a good taste, and it has chia seed which is one of my favorite super foods and should be one of yours.  You can order directly off their website or search their store locator for a store near you.

Have you tried Huma Gel?

I was given free samples of Huma Chia Energy Gel to try and all opinions are my own.