Affording Group Fitness On A Mommy Budget

It is nice as a mom to be able to attend group fitness classes just to spend time with other adults.  Whether it is Body Pump, yoga, barre class, at the gym , the cost can really add up.  Here are my thoughts on affording more and paying less.

Did you know that A LOT of yoga and fitness studios offer trade?  At the Dailey Method studio (barre fitness) I attend clients can work a set schedule each week and get free classes.  Their policy is that if you work 2 hours a week you get unlimited classes a week.  The trade clients either work the front desk or do childcare during a class. Many moms volunteer to do an hour of childcare twice a week and they can bring their own kids to the shift too!  A yoga studio I attend also has trade.  They don’t have childcare, but you can work a front desk shift for trade.  If you like a studio and it is breaking the bank, it can’t hurt to ask about trade availability.

If you belong to a gym that offers childcare you can also ask if they offer trade, or even a part-time job in the childcare room where you can also bring your kids with you and you get free or discounted gym membership.

Another thing to remember when signing up at various fitness studios is that they usually offer a per class price, class package for set amount of classes, and an unlimited month.  Most require a 6 month or so commitment for unlimited month.  Unless you are actually going 5 days a week every month, this is rarely cost effective.  If you just travel one week during 3 months that right there is 5 classes you will not be attending.  Break down the cost and divide it out over the time.  Be realistic about how often you will use it.  I belong to a gym which is a monthly fee so I buy 10 class packs at the yoga and Dailey Method studios I go to.  The classes don’t expire and I can use them any time.

A REALLY cost effective way is to check Groupon and Living Social daily.  TONS of yoga studios, bootcamp classes, Crossfit, and various fitness locations offer crazy cheap prices through Groupon and Living Social.  You can bounce from yoga studio to yoga studio for dirt cheap prices if you don’t have your heart attached to any studio in particular.  I got an unlimited month at my favorite yoga studio for $19 one time!

I hope you can find some inner peace and sanity at affordable prices 🙂

Do you try to be more frugal with fitness?  Do you have any tips?



  1. Karen | 10th Apr 13

    A few of the yoga studios in my area offer community donation classes where you pay around $5-$7 (but the downside is that there is no child care).
    I have also had great luck with Living Social and Groupon, they always have great deals.
    I do try to be frugal with fitness, between gym memberships, personal training sessions, and the cost of races…it all adds up and becomes quite pricey.
    The upside is that when I am putting all this money out it often motivates me to go to the gym more, because of the monthly cost.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 10th Apr 13

      I completely agree. The money spent is extra motivation to go. The community donation classes are great. Some local stores here sometimes sponsor yoga in the park once a month which is great too. Thank you for the input 🙂

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