8 Ways To Workout Without Being Around Other People

Coronavirus is causing people to work from home, attend classes online, and races have been cancelled. This means that going to the gym is also questionable. Practicing good hygiene is of course your best course of action against COVID-19, but social distancing is also a important to slow the spread. If you find yourself being at home and are looking for workout ideas to do at home, this post has them. Here are great ways to workout without being around other people. workout plan

  1. GO FOR A RUN!- Duh! Go for a run on a trail or a route where you can enjoy a great playlist and be out in the open. 
  2. Breakout your old workout DVDs– That is if you still have a DVD player. 
  3. Workout app– There are SO many workout apps that you can try for free. Did you know Peloton has an app you can use without owning their equipment and it has a free 30 day trial?
  4. Set your own circuit at home– Get a watch and do burgess, squats, pushups, lunges, etc for a minute each and keep repeating. 
  5. Break out your bike– Remember that bike in your garage that might be collecting dust? Break it out and go for a ride.
  6. Take the laundry off your workout equipment– I know some of you have an elliptical or treadmill buried under laundry, but now is it’s moment to shine!
  7. Search Youtube for workout videos– There is A LOT of free workouts on Youtube…some better than others. lol
  8. Yoga at home– Grab your yoga mat and take yourself through some of your favorite poses. Throw in some mediation to help calm your nerves while you are at it.
  9. Go for a hike– Take a drive to a trail near you and go for a nice hike. Getting outdoors will also help your mood. 

There are so many more ways you can workout without being around other people and practice social distancing. You don’t need your gym or a race to get a workout in. Do you have other favorite workouts that you do by yourself? 

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