8 Ways To Tell The Seasons Are Changing

Well, it is that time a of year again.  Here are 8 ways to tell that the seasons are changing:

pumpkin_everything 1. The yard work starts to double.  This is due to all the leaves falling to the ground.  Pretty…until you have to clean up the mucky goo it turns into.

2. Your 2 minute morning shower turns into 10 minutes because the hot water feels so good and you don’t want to get out into the cold brisk air.

3. Your feet start to crave your Ugg boots.  Ugg boot wearers, you know what I am talking about.  They sound pretty great right now don’t they?

4. Soup is what’s for dinner.  You start thinking about that amazing chicken soup your grandmother use to make and cook it for dinner because the weather calls for some cozy soup.

5.  While it is 90 degrees during the day you can’t sleep with your windows open at night anymore unless you want to turn into a popsicle because it is getting pretty chilly at night.

6. You feel like the days are so short all of a sudden.  While there is still 24 hours in a day, our daylight is slipping away.

pumpkin_season7. Pumpkin everything is everywhere.  Pumpkin coffee, cookies, chocolate, bread, chips, puree and even pumpkin patches.

8. Next to all the pumpkin everything is Christmas everything.  Yep, they have to fill the back to school area somehow after school starts, so the logical answer is Christmas right? 

Time to go put on my Ugg boots and grab a pumpkin spice latte.