8 Things Every Runner Should Do When They Are In A Slump

runner bent over Every runner experiences ups and downs when it comes to motivation to run. Some days are really easy to lace up and go run and other days are a struggle.  We all go through this. It is part or running…and all of life right?Don’t beat yourself up about it though. Try these and maybe you will find the spark to run again. Here are 9 things every runner should do to stay motivated. 

Run at a new location- Sometimes boredom gets the best of us. Take a short drive to a new location and go for a run. Looking at new scenery might just be what you needed. 

Create a new playlist- New music without being in a predictable order can also help motivation. I think sometimes we get a little lazy because it takes time to create a new playlist so we don’t do it. Try it and you might just enjoy your run again. 


Get new running shoes- A new pair of shoes can put a whole new spring into your step. You might not realize it, but your shoes could be causing you minor aches and pains and making you not want to run. A fresh new pair could help.

Listen to a podcast- Something totally new to make you laugh, or think, or whatever theme you might like, could help a run be fun again. Here is a list of some podcast recommendations. 

Binge watch a show on a treadmill- Sometimes running will be a little boring, but binge watching shows on Netflix is always entertaining, so combine the two! Find a show and get a 45 minute run in while watching. It will make the time fly by.

Watch Spirit of the Marathon- This movie is really motivating and might help you remember why you love running after all. 

Vary it up with a new workout- Sometimes when all we do is run, it gets boring. Try a yoga, barre, or HIIT class to switch it up a little and running might also become fun again in the process. 

Sign up for a race- Sometimes running without a goal is hard. Find a race, no matter what the distance, and sign up! The goal of having an upcoming race might just be what you need. 

Find a running partner or running group- Having someone to be accountable to to show up and run is sometimes all the motivation we need, plus humans are naturally social beings and being around others can help lift your spirits. While social distancing, FaceTiming a friend could be a big motivation boost. 


Don’t ever feel like you are alone. I think EVERY runner goes through the ups and downs of motivation. Try these ideas to help get your feet in gear and you might just rediscover your love of running again. 

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