7 Ways To Surprise Your Kids That They Are Going To Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World is absolutely magical. Telling your children they get to go to Disney World is a lifetime memory. Here are 7 ways to surprise your kids that they are going to Disney World.
surprise disney world1.  Scavenger Hunt- Make clues which have them gather things like a bathing suit, a stuffed Mickey, good comfortable walking shoes, and have the final clue be that they need to pack these items to go to Disney World.

2.  Jigsaw Puzzle-  You can order your own custom made puzzle with a picture of Disney World or words that say “We are going to Disney World!”  ShutterFly.com does great photo puzzles.

Don’t have time for a puzzle to be made? Order this blank one using Amazon Prime and then write out the message on it. Have the kids put the puzzle together for the surprise!
Or this awesome Disney World puzzle.

3.  Word Jumble- Mix up all the letters of Disney World and have the kids work together to figure it out.  P.S. “Weird Lonys” is not the answer.

4.  Balloon Box- Fill a box with Mickey balloons, so when they open it the balloons fly out.

mickey balloon

5.  Character Call-  With some Disney vacation packages you get a redemption code for a character to call your child.  There are other websites where you can pay to have a “character” call your child.  For young ones who can’t read this is a really fun option.
picture of Disney World Teacup with ways to surprise your family with a trip to Disney world
6.  Make A Video-  Record a video that will reveal the surprise.  Make a bowl of popcorn like it is movie night and sit down with the family to watch it.  I always like the sneaky parents who hold up signs behind the kids back for a month and then play the video of what was going on right behind them and they didn’t even know.


7.  Disney Themed Meal-  Make a Disney World themed dinner including huge turkey legs, Mickey shaped pretzels, and pineapple sorbet whipped up in the blender like a Dole Whip for dessert.  This would be a great surprise for kids who have been to Disney World before and will understand what these foods mean. A Disney breakfast featuring Mickey waffles is great for little ones!


Have you surprised your kids with a trip to Disney World?  I would leave to hear how you did it. How to Surprise your kids with a trip to Disney World or Disneyland



  1. diane | 8th Apr 15

    Love The puzzle idea! Already thinking about how to tell them we are going to Disneyland in November for Avengers Half Weekend. It also happens to be the weekend of my daughters 6th Bday!

  2. Lani (@armytbonegirl) | 21st May 15

    Just a little behind on my blog reading. . . We surprised our 2 boys with a trip to WDW last July. How did we let them know? We drove all the way there and arrived at the gate! They were clueless until we actually got there! It was awesome seeing the looks on their faces when they realized where we were.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 25th May 15

      I LOVE this! I bet that was the best surprise ever!!!! 🙂

      • armytbonegirl | 25th May 15

        They were SUPER surprised!! And even better, we drove down on Saturday and my parents and brother flew in from MI on Monday to join us. Surprise #2!

    • momof2 | 2nd Dec 16

      This is what we want to do! Our kids are 9 and 8 we want to drive up to the gate and surprise them, we’ve never been so I wasn’t sure if there were signs on the road that they would see before we got there? They think they are going with me on a work trip 🙂 Any Advice would be great!

      • Half Crazy Mama | 2nd Dec 16

        There are normal freeway and road signs along the way leading to Disney World, but once you get on property there is a big archway that you drive under that says you made it to Disney World. You can’t see any of the attractions, i.e. Castle, Epcot or anything from the road, so unless they read the freeway signs they probably won’t realize it until you get to the big arch that has Mickey and characters on it and says Disney World. Good luck and have fun!!!

      • Lani Yearicks (@armytbonegirl) | 2nd Dec 16

        There are actually lots of signs (think billboards) starting about an hour or so away, but my older son was too engrossed in playing his DS that he didn’t see any of them. The little one was not quite 3 at the time and couldn’t read yet – but he didn’t notice the pics of Mickey Mouse either. LOL

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