7 Lies Parents Tell Themselves To Get Through The Day

We have all been there at one time or another, sometimes we just tell ourselves “things are ok” to get through the day.  Here you go… lies parents tell themselves to get through the day.funny_parenting

  1. “I will shower later today.”- Ha, right! Yes, packing the lunches and making sure the kids are dressed and teeth are brushed are important, but we all know deep down inside that that shower “later today” never happens.
  2. “The stain on my shirt isn’t that obvious.”- Yes…yes it is.  We know this, but in an effort to get out of the house quicker and not having to do another load of laundry we just pretend like that coffee dribble down the front of our shirt isn’t that bad.parent_humor
  3. “No one will notice that my kids hair isn’t brushed.”- FYI, we usually do notice, but most of us won’t judge…we’ve all been there before.
  4. “We can all go to bed early tonight.”- When you are tired and have this thought it is usually only you that is on board with that plan.  It never fails that THAT will be a very late night.
  5. “We are going to have a TV free day today.”- Yes, sometimes this works, but for the rest of us when our child is singing, dancing and demanding attention while we are trying to cook dinner and are at wits end the TV works as a babysitter until dinner is ready. lies_parents_tell_themselves
  6. “I have plenty of time to run all the errands and clean the house before I have to get the kids from school.”- No…you don’t. Sorry, not sorry.  47 errands, 2 different grocery stores, vacuum, mop, bathrooms and laundry can’t all happen in the span of school.  It just isn’t humanly possible, so don’t beat yourself up about it.  Be ok with only accomplishing about 10% of your list on a daily basis.
  7. “Now that I have organized, labeled and put pictures on all the toy bins the kids will be good about picking up after themselves.”- You’re cute, they won’t.  It will be good for your sanity though knowing you tried to be organized. parenting_joke

Parenting is no easy task, but it is definitely the most rewarding. Do you have days that you just lie to yourself so you can have a happy productive day?