6 Things To Say And NOT To Say While Spectating A Marathon

running a race, feet in shoesIf you want to go cheer on a marathon that is awesome! Spectators are so important to keep runners running and motivated during a race. There are some things though that can bother runners. Here are some examples of what NOT to say and what would be great to say to someone running a marathon.

Don’t say: “Faster, Faster”

Say: “You are looking great!”


Don’t Say: “Run!!”

Say: “Great Pace!!”


Don’t Say: “You’re almost there!” Unless they are at mile 25.8

Say: *ACTUAL MILEAGE*. Like, “Mile 6 and looking great!”


Don’t Say: “No walking!”

Say: “Do what you got to do!”


Don’t Say: “The finish line is just around the corner!” (Unless the finish line is ACTUALLY around the corner)

Say: You got this! 


If someone is hurt, don’t say “Walk it off”

Say: Would you like me to find course medical help for you?


Here are some more tips:

PLEASE don’t smoke right next to the race course. This happens more than you could possibly imagine. Light up somewhere further away so we don’t have to breathe it while we run.

Stay off the course. Spectators sometimes have a habit of encroaching on the course and as people move further and further in the course gets smaller and smaller for the runners.

Don’t hop on the course to run with your runner. This is a danger for other runners as people are coming on and off the course.

Funny signs are FANTASTIC! Anything that can bring a smile to a runners face is great. Here is a post with great ideas for signs. 

Runners love when spectators hand out candy, pretzels and oranges, but we love it even more when you are wearing food serving gloves. The spectators that do that are amazing! No one wants someone else’s germs. 

Spectators enthusiasm is contagious. The more excited a spectator is, the happier a runner can feel and then other spectators join in the enthusiasm. You guys are awesome!

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