6 Things To Do Each Day To Keep The Mess Chaos Away

woman cleaning in purple glovesDo you feel like the mess just creeps up on you until it feels like too much to handle? Do you wish your house was cleaner on a regular basis? There are six things you can do every single day to keep the chaos at bay. If you get into the habit of completing basic daily tasks, you will find that your house is happier and your life is more organized.

Each Morning, As You Roll Out Of Bed, Make It!

Let’s be honest, your room can be a mess, but if your bed is made, it looks just so much cleaner. If you make your bed each day, you are less likely to let other things, such as clothes, bills, papers, etc., pile up. If you want to be better about keeping things tidy, start with your bed; it takes only minutes, and yet it makes a huge impact on the room.

Keep Things In Their Place By Doing Quick Pick Ups Frequently

When you let the clutter and messes build-up, that is when you do not want to clean it. That is when you will not have the motivation to get things done. So, each time you leave a room, do a quick look around and see if there is anything out of place, and see if you can get it in place. If each time you leave a room, you pick things up and put them where they belong and insist that everyone else does so as well, the messes will never get so out of hand that you can’t control them.

Don’t Let The Paper Mess Pile Up

Each time you get the mail, come in and spend a few minutes opening, reading, and sorting what you get. If you pay bills when they come, and you file the copy away, you will never have a cluttered desk or missed due dates. You will be organized, and you will be much happier. Keep a trash bin near you as you do this for recycling, junk mail, and discarded envelopes. This is where I end up getting a pile of mail. I go through it when I first check it and throw away junk mail, but then I just stack up all the things I need to keep. I need to be better at filing it away right then and there. baby in a diaper with a messy house

Clean Up The Kitchen While You Cook

For many, the room that gets the messiest in the house is the kitchen. You cook meals, and in your hurry to get dinner on the table, you leave a mess in your wake, then after dinner, you are too tired to clean up. So, what you should do, is before you start, make sure the dishwasher is cleaned out. Then you can load it with the pots, pans, cutting boards, etc., that you use to make dinner. This is my biggest tip. You are way more likely to clean up if your dishwasher is already empty. My husband is now in charge of emptying the dishwasher and he makes sure to do it before I cook dinner. Teamwork makes the dreamwork 😉

Wipe Spills Immediately

Whether it is on the stove, in the microwave, on the floor, or in the bathroom, spills happen. Tomato sauce here, make up there. If you do not clean up the spills as they happen, then they become difficult to remove and sometimes leave a stain. So, to eliminate chaos and keep things clean, wipe up spills as soon as they happen. 

Sweep The Floors

No one really enjoys mopping because it always seems like there is tough to clean dirt and grime built up. So, to help keep this build-up from happening and to make your house look cleaner and feel better, sweep the kitchen floor after dinner. If you feel up to it, you can also run a vacuum over the other floors really quickly. This takes only moments, but those nicely fluffed carpets and crisp vacuum lines can give your home a clean feel, even if you haven’t deep cleaned in weeks. I also keep my little handheld vacuum near by to do a quick cleanup.

I hope these tips help you get a handle on the mess chaos and not get overwhelmed when it is time to clean the house. Little things all add up to help in a big way. I know that having a messy house can feel daunting at times, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Good luck! 

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