5 Uses For the Perfect Blanket and Ecuadane Giveaway

Thank you to Ecuadane for sponsoring this post and giveaway.  All opinions are always my own. 

We all use blankets and for a bunch of different reasons.  I was inspired by how beautiful these Ecuadane blankets are and thought I would come up with 5 reasons why you need the perfect blanket.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. For a Picnic- Everyone needs a perfect blanket to take to the park or your backyard and spread out to enjoy some family time.
  2. To Take to the Beach- No one wants to sit in the sand at the beach.  You need a perfect blanket to spread out on that warm sand.
  3. Keep You Warm- When it starts to get chilly you need a perfect blanket to cuddle up in.
  4. Play With Friends- Remember that kid fort you built with your friends when you were younger?  You need a perfect blanket for that task.
  5. For the Decorative Touch- You don’t want just any blanket to be on the back of your couch.  You want a perfect blanket to compliment your style.

Ecuadane makes these amazing blankets that you see photographed here.  They are the perfect size and the colors are beautiful.  Ecuadane was started by three American sisters who’s parents were raised on different continents (Europe and South America).  Their family shared a love of travel because “travel opens our minds and our hearts to new discoveries. Travel makes us realize that in essence we are all the same, but our culture and subjective experience mold us into beings that are all beautifully different and unique. Through our travel experiences we have learned so much and have had the privilege of seeing how the singular talent of craftsmanship as it is applied in different cultures and seen through their varying creative lenses produces vastly different products and designs. The detailed beauty that is woven into the fabric of a culture becomes visually apparent as it is woven into the fabric of the products they produce.”  I love that this is the history behind these beautiful blankets.  

Photo Credit from @Ecuadane Instagram account.

Check out more about Ecuadane here to see all the different patterns and colors of these blankets.   Also take a look at Ecuadane’s Instagram feed for some beautiful photos.

You are in luck because they have graciously allowed me to do a giveaway for one!  The winner will get to pick which blanket they would like.  Enter below.  
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  1. Tessa | 27th Jun 17

    I like the Cayambe sunset blanket. Would be great for savasana in yoga

  2. Amy | 27th Jun 17

    THE CAYAMBE BLANKET OCEAN – this would be great for my Jeep adventures!!!

  3. Carlee McDot | 28th Jun 17

    I would LOVE the Cotacachi Blanket. It would be perfect for our Adventure Mobile.

  4. Bianca Munoz | 29th Jun 17

    I love the Cotacachi pattern, but they are all beautiful! This would be a family blanket. Thank you!

  5. Ken C | 7th Jul 17

    These are gorgeous, reminds of a blanet my grandmother had. Love the Cayambe Sunset

  6. mclanek | 7th Jul 17

    I started making a list of my favorites and ended up adding almost all the patterns. Oops. My favorites included the Cotacachi blanket in “water”, and the Cayambe blanket in sunrise, rainforest, ocean, fire, and mountain. I would use these camping for sleeping or around the campfire, at the beach to watch the sunset, at football games, and as a throw on my couch.

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