5 Tips For The Best Summer Road Trip

tips_road_tripSummer is upon us and many families hit the road for vacation.  Here are 5 tips to make it the best road trip yet!

    1. Roadtrippers.com– This website is great for planning out your route.  It plots points of interest, hotels, etc and even calculates how long eat drive is between points.  plan_map_road_trip
    2. Book Ahead of Time- I know a “by the seat of our pants” road trip sounds a lot more adventurous, but the last thing you want is for all the hotels and activities to be booked.  Plan ahead, book your tours, tickets, and hotel ahead of time.  If you want to be adventurous plan something thrilling without having to sleep in your car. travel_games_road_trip
    3. Make Travel Game Books For The Family– Don’t just depend on DVDs, here is a link to a Pinterest board with lots of free travel game printables, or create your own.  Remember playing the license plate game when you were a kid?  How about “Cows On My Side”?  The kids will love having a whole travel game book. Create a whole travel journal for your kids too, so they can remember all their favorite (and least favorite) parts.vacation_journal_printable
    4. Car Camera Battery Charger- You won’t have time to have your camera batteries plugged into the wall all the time.  Make sure to bring a car camera battery charger, so you don’t miss a shot! 

  1. Include Everyone- Make sure when you are planning your trip you include a choice from each person.  Show the kids different sites and attractions and let everyone pick one thing.  This way everyone feels invested and knows that if they want to do their pick, they also have to be respectful and do everyone else’s picks.  

Extra tip: Pack a roll of toilet paper and some baby wipes.  Even without little ones there is bound to be a food spill or emergency of some sort.  It is always better to have it than not.

What are some of your road trip tips?