5 Things To Jump Start Your New Year’s Fitness Goals


Let’s put 2017 behind us and start talking about how awesome 2018 is going to be!  I know we all love starting the New Year off right. Who is setting some new fitness and running goals this year? It always feels great when we exceed our dreams and here are 5 things that can help get you started in the right direction and jump start your fitness: 

  1. New Running Shoes- When you have a new pair of running shoes your are more likely to want to go for a run and workout.
  2. Start a New Marathon Training Plan- Is 2018 the year you are running a marathon?  Well, a marathon training plan is super important and can help keep you on track. 
  3. Get a 25 oz Reusable Water Bottle-  I love my big water bottle.  I know I need to fill it three times a day to be at my optimum hydration while sticking to my fitness routine.  Hydration is so important to help you reach those goals.
  4. Alert Caffeine Gum– Alert is a caffeinated chewing gum for adults. One piece of Alert provides 40mg of caffeine, or about the same as half a cup of coffee.  While on long runs I desperately need extra caffeine and use to use goo with caffeine, but just can’t stomach it anymore. Alert Caffeine Gum tastes great and gives me the boost I need without having to drink or eat anything major.  It also helps to chew a piece on the way to the gym for an afternoon workout.  Learn more about Alert here
  5. Sleep With Your Phone in the Other Room- Studies have shown that sleeping with your phone on your nightstand can lead to less REM sleep.  Looking at your phone before going to bed or in the middle of the night can cause your sleep to be less quality and more interrupted.  A good night’s sleep is important for keeping your body healthy.

What are some of your fitness goals for 2018?  

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