5 Reasons to Pick Country Inn & Suites in Anaheim When Planning A Trip To Disneyland

There are so many hotels to choose from when going to Disneyland.  I get asked all the time where people should stay when planning a Disney vacation.  Here are 5 reasons to pick the new Country Inn & Suites in Anaheim.  

      1. Country Inn & Suites in Anaheim is walking distance to Disneyland main gate.  In my opinion that is what you want.  You are not dependent on shuttles and can come and go as you please.disneyland hotel walking distance
      2. FREE BREAKFAST!  Need I say more?  A free meal means more money you can spend on Mickey ears and churros!
      3. You can see the Disneyland fireworks from the hotel.  You may have little ones that need to hit the hay early, but this way you can still view the fireworks!
      4. Country Inn & Suites Anaheim is also just a block away from Anaheim GardenWalk which is home to restaurants, shops, and the House of Blues.  
      5. Country Inn & Suites Anaheim is new!  You can’t beat new!  Here is a video which illustrates how new and fabulous the hotel is

Who wants to win a night at Country Inn & Suites?!?! Well, I have a GIVEAWAY!!!  The winner will be sent a voucher for one night at Country Inn & Suites.
To enter click here to look at all the amenities the Country Inn & Suites Anaheim offers and leave a comment about what is most important to you when looking for a hotel and which perk you love the most about Country Inn & Suites Anaheim.  Giveaway ends January 31st, 2017.

Good luck everyone! 


  1. Juliana @ 4 Well Rules | 4th Jan 17

    hot breakfast! it is so great to have breakfast waiting at the hotel after a race during rundisney race weekends!

  2. kenneth canepa | 5th Jan 17

    I like the fact that they have a heated pool.

  3. kenneth canepa | 5th Jan 17

    i really like when hotels are all inclusive. or at least have a good breakfast to look forward to in the morning.

  4. cassandra marquez | 5th Jan 17

    i like that a hotel has good customer service. i like that the hotel offers free breakfast.

  5. TamaraG | 7th Jan 17

    Distance to where we want to go and breakfast are super important to us when we are traveling which is why this Anaheim location would be perfect.

  6. Jason Goyette (@vermilionviper) | 7th Jan 17

    Love that this hotel has breakfast available to its guests. Plus being within walking distance to Disneyland is a huge win!

  7. jeremy mclaughlin | 9th Jan 17

    I love how the hotel offers breakfast everyday, that is very convenient.

  8. Lauren | 9th Jan 17

    I always like a free breakfast. I like how this hotel is so convenient to Disneyland.

  9. Kenya F | 10th Jan 17

    Free hot breakfast is always important to me when booking a hotel and this one looks beautiful! And the fact that its so close to Disneyland is awesome. Oh and free wifi is a must as well.

  10. MaryAnn | 11th Jan 17

    The most important thing to me is the free hot breakfast. It always saves times and money when we can eat at the hotel. I also like having a hotel with a pool so my kids can have some down time.

  11. Brandon | 12th Jan 17

    Proximity to nearby attractions is important to me. Like that you can watch the Disney fireworks from the hotel pool.

  12. Karen Heffren | 12th Jan 17

    I love a free breakfast! And when visiting Disneyland, walking distance to the parks is a must!

  13. Pauline PT | 13th Jan 17

    Walking distance is the most important to me. I don’t want to deal with a shuttle or parking in the Disney lots.

  14. Leigh Borders | 16th Jan 17

    When I am choosing a hotel to stay in I want to make sure that my family will enjoy it and it will meet our needs. This one looks amazing. It is withing walking distance of Disney and other great attractions. They offer a hot breakfast and a beautiful pool. Those are things I look for.

  15. Tiffiny Goode | 16th Jan 17

    The most important thing is proximity to our destination. In this case, being walking distance to Disneyland is a huge plus!! I also like the fact that parking is free!! And free breakfast, well that’s just icing on the cake!!

  16. Ellen Casper | 19th Jan 17

    I look for a hotel that has good ratings for service and Cleanliness. Free breakfast is an added perk.

  17. Jennifer | 19th Jan 17

    Free breakfast is always a huge factor when I am looking for a hotel. Having a buffet in the morning makes sure we can get our day started in a timely manner and sometimes lets us stretch past lunch if we are busy. So if the prices are all pretty similar I look for free breakfast and then proximity to narrow it down.

  18. Lisa Taylor | 19th Jan 17

    Location and cleanliness are always the most important to me. Love not having to always get a rental car and worry about parking etc. . The amenity that I like most about this hotel is the free hot breakfast! Looks like a lovely place for the next Disneyland trip!

  19. Laurel C | 19th Jan 17

    The outdoor heated pool is awesome, as well as having a free breakfast and close proximity to Disneyland! Wow, this looks like a fabulous place to stay!

  20. Aj | 20th Jan 17

    Free parking and breakfast! Plus walking distance to Disney land! Oh and new and clean! My favorite!

  21. Veronica | 20th Jan 17

    I love that it is close to the Anaheim Garden Walk! California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite place to carb it up before the races!

  22. Pamela R. | 20th Jan 17

    The fireworks are a plus for me! I love being tucked in and watching them from my room!

    • Anna S | 22nd Jan 17

      Walking distance to the parks, breakfast & a clean room are important to me & my family.

  23. Anna | 20th Jan 17

    Walking distance to the parks & breakfast are BIG perks for us!

  24. Dawn Dyer | 20th Jan 17

    Free breakfast for the win!

  25. Lauren Hamilton | 20th Jan 17

    I like the free breakfast because it saves time and money

  26. A. | 22nd Jan 17

    Pool, cause i don’t have access to one ever 🙂

  27. Carolsue | 23rd Jan 17

    Don’t know when this expires, but I will give it a shot! The most important thing to me is the free breakfast — not only saves money, but saves time having to go out to eat somewhere else. The free wi-fi is right up there, too!

  28. Anne N. | 23rd Jan 17

    I love that the pool is heated and close to walk to Disney. Beautiful hotel.

  29. Ashley Kolpak | 25th Jan 17

    The free breakfast!

  30. Ally | 26th Jan 17

    Breakfast is a big one for me, but I love that they have varieties of rooms to choose from–including a little studio suite!

  31. sazzyfrazz | 27th Jan 17

    The complimentary, hot Be Our Guest Breakfast would be a great feature for our family of four.

  32. Breanne | 1st Feb 17

    Free wi-fi is important and I like the heated pool.

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