5 more miles yesterday and a trip to the nursery

Since I am running every day for the Runner’s World Run Streak I figured the more the merrier this week.  Did 5 miles Tuesday, 8 Wednesday and a little over 5 more yesterday.  Being up at my mom’s house provides a beautiful backdrop for an awesome run.

photo 5
I love it up here at my mom’s near Lake Tahoe.

photo 1

I’m excited to get one more run in up here today before we head home this afternoon.

We also went to the plant nursery so “Nana” could teach my daughter a little more about gardening.  My mom has a very green thumb.

photo 4
This sculpture was so cool at the nursery. I loved the reflection of my daughter since it was made of such shiny medal.

photo 2

photo 3

 What has been your favorite place to run?


  1. Carli | 22nd Jun 13

    That is a beautiful place to run! Nice pictures. I’m still getting used to running so I don’t get an opportunity to pay attention to my surroundings.

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