4 Tips For Sticking To A Healthy Diet While Traveling

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4_tip_healthy_dietStaying healthy while on the go can sometimes be hard to do.  Eating out regularly can be bad for your waistline.  This is why I thought I would share 4 tips for sticking to a healthy diet while traveling.  

  1. Measure out your shake scoops in snack size bags- I always pre-measure out my Bowflex Body French Vanilla Fitness Shake and put each scoop (one serving) in individual snack size bags.  The great part about the Bowflex Body line is all the boosts are already measured out!  They are perfect for traveling.  I just put my pre-measured Bowflex Body shake mixes in a little zipper pouch and it fits neatly in my suitcase.travel_diet_shake
  2. Bring a blender bottle with you- I bring my blender bottle EVERYWHERE with me.  It is perfect for making my Bowflex Body fitness shakes on the go.  I just need to put the contents of one of my pre-measured bags into the bottle, add water, and shake.  The shakes are delicious.  They also help reduce cravings and supports the immune system, which is always important while traveling. My favorite Bowflex Body Boosts to bring along are the chocolate Fat Burner+ and Antioxidant+.  You just add them right into your shake.blender_bottle_bowflex
  3. Get everything “on the side”- When you are traveling and eating out it is always good to order things “on the side”, like salad dressing.  Salads are usually a good choice at a restaurant, but the dressing can often be a calorie bomb.  If you get it on the side then you can decide how much goes on your salad.  A lot of things can add calories quickly without even realizing it like mayonnaise and cheese. Try eliminately or getting them on the side.
  4. Workout in your hotel room- I know that when I work out I crave healthier food.  Doing a quick hotel room workout can help keep your body in check.  Throw a bath towel on the ground and get to work with some burpees, crunches and squats.  Many hotels have a gym facility to use or you can also just go for a quick run. The Bowflex Body Pre-Workout Energy drink can be great to help give you that little boost to get it done.  All you have to do is bring the little packet with you and just add it to a bottle of water.  I also love the Bowflex Body Daily Energy just to help keep me awake and feeling great all day. 

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Do you bring shakes with you while traveling?

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