The First 4 Hours Of My Day #MorningWin

This post was sponsored by belVita through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about belVita, all opinions are my own.

The mornings can be crazy busy.  Wake up, get ourselves ready, get our family ready, and make sure everyone is on time for everywhere they have to go.  It is so easy as the mom to make sure everyone is taken care of, but you are to busy to do everything for yourself.  Here is how I have simplified my busy morning.

belvita bites

First thing I do is make my coffee.  While that is brewing it is time to brush my teeth and get dressed.

I don’t have time to cook anything for myself and I found that I don’t need to because of belVita Bites.  They are PERFECT for breakfast.  I eat them as I’m running around the house getting lunch packed and my daughter dressed.  The belVita Bites are delicious with coffee.

belVita Bites and coffee

I make my daughter her usual of toast and berries and I check and respond to my emails while finishing my coffee and dipping some belVita Bites in it. 

My daughter goes to preschool and I get to take my belVita Bites in the car with me since they are mess free. After I drop her off I get to tackle my morning run.  The belVita Bites give me the sustained energy I need to accomplish all of this plus more. 

belVita bites and running

After my run shower and then work on the blog.  belVita Bites give me 4 great hours of steady energy.  They also pack 16% of my daily fiber, which is a big morning win for me.

I have learned that getting the most out of my body means eating something in the morning.  I feel better all day and get more accomplished.  belVita Bites are super easy to throw in your purse on the go or eat as you are doing your makeup in the morning.  There is now no excuse why you can’t eat breakfast.

What is your favorite flavor of belVita Bites? I love the chocolate and the mixed berry.