25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

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Just thought I would post an introduction for all those that are new around here. My name is Emelia and I have had this blog for going on 10 years now. You can also find me on social at @HalfCrazyMama. Ok, let’s cut to the chase, you guys want the goods right? Hoping to see something cool or weird or totally relatable right? Well, here you go!

  1. I am afraid of mustard. Yes I am telling the truth. I don’t just not like mustard, I am actually afraid of it like someone would be afraid of spiders.  Really weird…I know.
  2. 2. I have on sister who is 7.5 years older than me. My parents didn’t think they could have anymore kids and poof along came me.
  3. I am almost legally blind. I wear contacts and glasses. I sleep in my glasses every single night. This started when my daughter was born and she weighed 3 lbs 15 ozs and would “lose her oxygen” at times and I would wake up every 15 minutes to check on her. Instead of reaching for my glasses every time it was just a lot easier to sleep in my glasses and it stuck. Here I am, 10 years later, still sleeping in my glasses.
  4. I played soccer and field hockey when I was younger, but was never a “runner”.  That only started when my daughter was born and I loved putting her in the jogging stroller and getting outdoors.
  5. Because I played soccer for years, when I had my daughter there was no question in my mind that she would be a soccer player. But when she was two she wanted to take dance. When she was four I put her in soccer and it became very clear that soccer wasn’t her thing. She would run the entire time and basically in circles around the group with the ball. If the ball came near her she would run away from it. She is now 10 and still dancing, definitely not playing soccer. dance costumes
  6. I love to fall asleep with the TV on, specifically Friends on Nick at Night. My husband hates that I love this. (This might also contribute to me sleeping with my glasses on)
  7. My father passed away from colon cancer when I was 16.  He was only 49 and I am still convinced he was the best man ever. Take your health seriously and get checked regularly! 
  8. If I get to watch TV and Dirty Dancing is on I will watch it again and again and again.
  9. I LOVE shoes. I think gorgeous shoes are like art and I like to “collect” them.
  10. My husband is not a runner at all and “doesn’t get it”, but he is still proud of me.
  11. I went to England, France, Switzerland and Senegal Africa all before I was 16 years old and the impact those trips had on my life was amazing. I strongly believe that travel is one of the best educators and I can’t wait to take my daughter to certain places too.
  12. Outdoor activities bring me joy, fill me up inside, calm my anxiety. Specifically hiking and paddle boarding. We live just 40 minutes door to door to Lake Tahoe, which was one of the big benefits of our move last year.
  13. Please don’t get mad, but I don’t understand why people love ranch so much? Blue cheese is SO much better. I will dip almost anything in blue cheese, which is why I don’t have it in my house. Not super healthy.
  14. I already told you I’m afraid of mustard, but I also don’t like most condiments. I’m not afraid of ketchup though, just don’t like it. Same with mayonnaise. The only sauce I will eat on a burger is the In N Out burger sauce, otherwise I eat my hamburger plain like a 5 year old. 
  15. When I was pregnant I craved milk and also Cuties (seedless tangerines). Weird right?
  16. I have ran close to 40 full marathons, over 120 half marathons, and countless other races. wall of running medals
  17. I love cooking and entertaining. This also feeds into my cookbook obsession. 
  18. In the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon, I was running and not paying attention and looking at this dad with 2 little girls holding signs cheering on their mom and I tripped over a road reflector and fell!  Bad!!  Like slid along the pavement and ended up bloody. Bloody knee, both hands and my whole forearm. I had just finished running the Goofy Challenge at Disney World (half marathon + full marathon) and was also getting my coast to coast medal at this race, so I was determined to finish. This was at mile 5 when I fell.  I found an aid station around mile 7 that assisted in removing the gravel from my wounds, bandaged me and made me promise that I was ok to finish. I did with a time of 2 hours and 34 minutes and a little bit of a limp. Tinker Bell Half Marathon medal
  19. I have the absolute worst handwriting in the whole wide world. I wish I could change it. My handwriting has been compared to a drunk 4 year old writing with their foot. 
  20. I have a birthmark, that is actually a hemangioma, on my right arm. I have been asked about it my whole life and here are some of the things people ask: is it ring worm? cigar burn? reaction to a shot? allergic reaction? bruise? bite mark? eczema? was I punched?
  21. I am VERY allergic to avocado. Not just hives, like violently ill and feel like I’m dying. This didn’t develop until I was older though. I don’t have to eat it for the reaction to happen. Even if my food is cut with a knife that has just cut an avocado I will get ill.  A big bummer for a person who loves sushi and mexican food.
  22. I took 5 years of French in school and still wish everyday that I took Spanish. 
  23. My name is Emelia, but growing up everyone has called me Emy. If you have met me over the age of 18 though you probably didn’t know this unless you are my husband or heard my husband call me Emy. However, if you met me below the age of 18 and I went to school with you, you probably didn’t even know my name was actually Emelia and not Emy. 
  24. I met my husband at a 4th of July party. It is now one of my favorite holidays.
  25. I started my blog to be able to share my life stories with friends and my daughter when she got older.  I never thought anyone would actually read it, so thank you for reading and I love hearing about your life stories.

I would love to hear a random thing about you!  Anyone else afraid of mustard, because that would make me feel a little better about myself? 

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  1. Meranda@fairytalesandfitness | 23rd Dec 13

    What a fun post! I am deathly allergic to bees. I am suppose to carry an epi pen with me always but have never taken it on a run with me.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 23rd Dec 13

      Oh no! That is so scary. I hope you never need the epi pen!

  2. Vanessa | 23rd Dec 13

    I started running when I was 45 and my Mom had just passed away from pancreatic cancer. That was 2-1/2 years ago. My husband ran the Goofey in 2012 and I only did the 5K. At his finish I saw some of the people who finished all of those miles and said – If they can do it – so can I! I then entered in the the Disneyland half in 2012. I am only up to half marathons. This WDW marathon weekend I am running what I call “The Bashful” – 5k, 10k and half. Hope to see you there! Happy Holidays!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 23rd Dec 13

      The Bashful!!! I love it! Good luck to you and that is awesome!!! Happy Holidays to you too 🙂

      • Vanessa | 24th Dec 13

        Hope to see you at the 5K. My sone is 16 and I will be pushing him a wheelchair as he cerebral palsy. Disney gave us permission for this race since they have tried to shy away from the strollers!

  3. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All | 23rd Dec 13

    I’m afraid of small round objects – peas, grapes, pearls all terrify me. I feel you!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 23rd Dec 13

      oh my gosh I love that phobia though!

  4. Carmie | 24th Dec 13

    My husband is Irish, Swedish, and German. Tomorrow we will have lots of traditional Swedish dishes for Christmas Eve! The only one that I can spell is pickled herring! I hope someone speaks up about mustard. I don’t like it either and certainly there must be done types worth fearing!

  5. Carson | 24th Dec 13

    I love learning about others and reading these types of posts make me so happy. I am not afraid of mustard but I hate it with a passion. If something I eat has the tiniest bit of mustard in it, I can taste it and immediately do not like it. Random fact: I am afraid of fish and will not swim in anything other than a pool because I have panic attacks knowing they are in there with me.

  6. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 28th Dec 13

    I love this!!! And while I’m not afraid of mustard, I despise mayonnaise. Oil and water were not meant to be mixed together – just sayin.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Dec 13

      Totally! I don’t understand why either is on every sandwich!

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