25 Pasta Dishes to Carb Load

When you start thinking of carbloading, pasta is probably the first dish that comes to mind. Pasta is notorious for having a high amount of carbs, which is what you want, but also not super heavy. There are plenty of pasta substitutions for pasta lovers who don’t want traditional pasta or a healthy recipe that incorporates pasta noodles. When it comes to eating pasta and carb loading, the secret is portion sizes! If you watch your portion sizes, any of these recipes can be great fuel for an endurance event.

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Carbohydrate loading, often called carbloading, is often used by endurance athletes, such as runners, to maximize the storage of glycogen, which is energy, in the muscles and liver. 

Running an endurance race is no small feet and you need to make sure you are starting your proper nutrition the whole week before a marathon or event that takes a lot of energy. It isn’t just about the meal you eat the night before.  Be sure to eat more frequent smaller portions instead of one large overindulging portion. You don’t want to upset your GI track, especially before a race.

Along with proper nutrition, remember that hydration is also VERY important. Hydrate early and often. Hydration is also something you need to be paying attention to for a week before a race. 

So no matter what your taste is pasta is, here are 25 recipes that is sure to offer something for everyone. 

Here are 25 pasta dishes for carbloading.

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  1. Leftover Turkey Pasta Skillet
  2. Ginger Peanut Noodles
  3. Green Goddess Pasta
  4. Chicken Scampi
  5. BLT Pasta Salad
  6. Zoodles
  7. MediterraneanPasta Salad
  8. Asian Pasta Stir Fry
  9. Roasted Chorizo and Tomato Pasta 
  10. Seafood Lasagna
  11. Green Curry Pineapple Rotini
  12. Shrimp and Salmon Pasta
  13. Creamy Tomato and Basil Penne Pasta

  14. Honey Balsamic Chicken & Kale Warm Pasta Salad
  15. Curried Tortellini Meatball Soup
  16. Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai
  17. Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Pasta
  18. Turkey Parmesan Pasta
  19. Chicken Marsala Pasta
  20. Caesar Pasta Salad
  21. Caprese Pasta Salad
  22. Vegetable Pasta
  23. Asian Noodle Bowls
  24. Greek Pasta Salad
  25. Shrimp Pasta

Carb loading is something that works to build up up those energy levels in easy to burn ways and is great for long distance running. Here are some other posts you might like:

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