25 Amazing Ways To Serve Salmon

Searching for the best salmon recipes? This list includes baked salmon recipes, easy salmon recipes, grilled salmon recipes, healthy salmon recipes, broiled salmon recipes, glazed salmon recipes, and so much more. If you want to cook more salmon and need some recipe inspiration, this is the right place. What sauces pairs well with salmon? We got you covered! There is even a recipe on how to microwave salmon. 25 Amazing Ways to Serve Salmon

My family and I love salmon and eat it several times a week. Here are some delicious salmon recipes:

Instant Pot Salmon and Quick Salmon Recipes

10-Minute Instant Pot Salmon – Super Healthy Kids

Instant Pot Salmon With Chili-Lime Sauce – Savory Tooth

10-Minute Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Egg White Wraps – Haute & Healthy Living

Grilled Salmon 

Hickory Smoked Grilled Salmon – Busy Creating Memories

Glazed Salmon

Easy Honey-Glazed Salmon – Two Healthy Kitchens

Brown Sugar-Glazed Salmon – Onlygirl4boyz

Sweet Apricot Glazed Salmon – Living Sweet Moments

One Pan Salmon Recipe

One Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon & Parmesan Asparagus – Saving You Dinero

How to Microwave Salmon

How to Microwave Salmon – Savory Sweet Life

Baked Salmon 

Easy Baked Salmon with Roasted Asparagus – Cook Eat Paleo

Herbs de Provence Salmon – Savoring the Thyme Salmon Recipe Pictures

Healthy Salmon Recipes

Blackened Salmon Salad with Huckleberry Vinaigrette – My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Mustard Salmon with Citrus Squash Salad – A Simple Pantry

Creamy Dairy-Free Salmon Florentine – Haute & Healthy Living

Ginger-Lime Salmon Steaks – This Mama Loves

Salmon Taco Recipe

Brown Sugar Chili Salmon Tacos – 1StopMom

Foil Salmon

Foil Lemon Grilled Salmon – My Heavenly Recipes

Asian Salmon Foil Packs – Must Have Mom

Broiled Salmon

Broiled Salmon with Tahini Sauce – Living Sweet Moments cooking salmon

Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe

Garlic Lemon Butter Salmon – Onlygirl4boyz

Salmon with Late Summer Salsa on Brown Rice – Broken Teepee

Marinated Salmon

Herb Marinated Salmon & Savory Rice – This Worthey Life

Teriyaki Smoked Salmon – Or Whatever You Do

Crusted Salmon Recipe

Walnut Crusted Salmon – Haute & Healthy Living

Salmon Crusted with Curry World Peas & a Beet Salad – MomStart

I am so inspired by all the salmon recipes that I found and now I want to try a different one each night. What is your favorite way to eat salmon? I even love it just simply baked with a little garlic salt. Growing up my mom would often poach salmon for dinner. My husband loves his salmon miso glazed. I will eat it pretty much any way I can get it.

When you have a good quality fish it shouldn’t taste or smell extra fishy. Make sure you know what kind of salmon you are purchasing. A sockeye salmon typically has a darker color and a more steaky texture than an atlantic salmon.  There is also a big difference between fresh caught and farm raised salmon, so pay attention to labels and where the fish is sourced.  

Here are some of my favorite accessories I use to cook salmon:

Cedar Grilling Planks

Fish Spatula 

Himalayan Salt Plate

Broil Pan 

Fish Poacher

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25 Salmon Recipes