21 Delicious Smoothie Bowl Ideas

smoothie bowlsEvery runner needs the proper nutrition. Whether you just run for fun or if you are training for a marathon, these smoothie bowl ideas will keep you fueled. All fruit smoothie bowls, vegetable smoothie bowl options, and so much more. Here are 21 delicious smoothie bowls to make at home.

Raspberry, Beet, and Cereal Smoothie Bowl – The Forked Spoon

Watermelon Acai Smoothie Bowl – Veggie Kins

Sunny Days Smoothie Bowl – Creative Green Living

Strawberry Acai Smoothie Bowl – Natural Beach Living

Tropical Superfruit Smoothie Bowl – Big Flavors Tiny Kitchen

Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl – Suburbia Unwrapped

Acai Smoothie Bowl – One Lovely Life smoothie bowls

Mango Chia Coconut Smoothie Bowl – The Delicious Crescent

Chunky Monkey Smoothie Bowl – So Tipical

Sweet Kale Smoothie Bowl – Creative Green Living

Immune Boosting Friendship Smoothie Bowl – Strength and Sunshine

Caramel Apple Crumble Smoothie Bowl – I Love Vegan

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Bowl – Pastry Affair

Peach Pie Smoothie Bowl – Veggie Kins

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl – What Molly Made

Blueberry Strawberry Peach Clementine Smoothie Bowl – Creative Green Living

Cherry Smoothie Bowl – 40 Aprons smoothie bowls

Almond Butter Spirulina Smoothie Bowl – The Forked Spoon

Mango Banana Green Smoothie Bowl – Amy Le Creations

Rainbow Berry Smoothie Bowl – Wallflower Kitchen

Super Antioxidant Boost Smoothie Bowl – Creative Green Living

Happy snacking!

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