2020 runDisney Disney World Marathon Weekend Themes- Something’s Different?

runDisney shared the themes for the Disney World Marathon Weekend races 2020 and there is something different. runDisney Disney World Marathon Race themes


The 5k is back to Pluto after taking a break for Oswald last year. disney World marathon 5k 10k logo


And here is our different character, Minnie Mouse isn’t the 10k girl anymore. This was always her race, but it looks like Oswald moved up in the world.

Half Marathon

The Disney World Half Marathon still has Donald Duck as its mascot. Disney World Marathon themes

Full Marathon

Disney World Marathon has always been Mickey Mouse, but it looks like Mickey and Minnie are going to share the spotlight together this year.

Goofy Challenge

Goofy will still me representing the Goofy Challenge, which is the half and full marathon. Disney World Marathon Themes Dopey Goofy

Dopey Challenge

The Dopey Challenge is back, thank goodness. There are always rumors of it going away. This challenge consists of running the 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon. Completing this challenge earns you a grand total of 6 medals. 

Kids Races

The Kids Races have typically had Mickey Mouse on the medal, so I actually really love this design for changing it up. run Disney Kids Race Medal

I love the style of the designs, especially the Marathon design. The Disney World Marathon is my favorite runDisney race weekend. It is also the largest. I’ve been running the Dopey Challenge since it’s conception, which is around 6 or 7 years. (I totally lost count ?) This makes me perfectly Dopey.

Disney World Marathon Weekend Medals and Shirts

These designs will be the style for the shirts and medals. I think the medals will be super cute and the shirts will be too. While the characters stay relatively the same (except the whole Minnie Oswald thing), the style that they are done in is different. 


Want to check our runDisney’s announcement with the reveal? Click here to read more. 

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runDisney Tips

Thoughts on the themes? I think the Disney World Marathon Weekend shirts and medals will be great. Do you agree?

2020 Disney World Marathon Race themes for shirts and medals