2015 runDisney New Balance Shoes

There has been a lot of speculation on the 2015 runDisney New Balance shoes.  Currently New Balance has said they will be selling the 2014 (Sorcerer Mickey, Pink Minnie, Goofy, and Cinderella) at the 2015 WDW Marathon expo and Star Wars Half Expo due to demand from 2014.  Today they shared with us the current new 2015 shoe they will also be selling.  New Balance also tweeted this:


This tweet gives the impression that they will be debuting new shoes periodically throughout the year.

2015 runDisney New BalanceHere is the current 2015 model being released at the WDW Marathon expo.  It is the 990v3.  They call them “Retro Mickey” and “Retro Minnie” and were “inspired by Steamboat Willie”.  If you want the shoes and are a runner you can sign up for the “virtual queue” starting Wednesday, January 7.  If you are not a runner you can sign up starting Thursday.  The virtual queue works kind of like a fastpass.  It will give you a certain time to get to the booth without having to stand in a ridiculous line.

On the Disney Parks Blog they shared these 360 degree view videos:

I have seen lots of chatter on social media with strong opinions about these.  What do you think?  Love them? Underwhelmed? Excited? Will you be buying them?


  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 6th Jan 15

    To be honest, they’re fine. Definitely a departure from what they’ve had in the past. I really don’t pay much attention. I don’t wear NB to run, and I really don’t care for sneakers for just hanging around. I can’t conceive of paying those prices for something that’s going to sit in my closet. I am sorry for everyone who is disappointed. NB has hyped the heck out of their new designs.

  2. Sam | 17th Jan 15

    I like the shoes and it’d be fun to dress up as a black and white Steamboat Willie (or Minnie) for a race, but I had two issues. First, I was caught off guard at the $185 price. When the New Balance guy told me the price, I had to ask again because I thought I had heard wrong. The Goofy and Cinderella shoes were $120. The second thing is it’s a stability shoe and I run in neutrals, so the fit felt a bit foreign to me. I’d only be able to wear them for short races and that’s an expensive shoe for such a limited purpose. I’m holding out to see what other designs runDisney and New Balance releases throughout the year. The 60th anniversary of Disneyland and 10th anniversary of the Disneyland half is the perfect occasion for a special shoe design!

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