2013 runDisney Disneyland 10K Recap

I signed up for the Inaugural runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.  This was a new event to 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.  runDisney added a 10k to the weekend and if you signed up for Dumbo that meant that you ran the 10k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday.

I set my alarm for 4:15am Saturday morning and was out the door by 4:45am.  The race didn’t start until 6:15, but the 5k started at 5:30, so I knew there would be congestion getting to the starting area, bag check, etc.  I hate feeling rushed in the morning before a race.  I dressed up as the White Rabbit since the 10K was Alice in Wonderland themed.

I’m late I’m late for a very important…10K!

It was a VERY hot humid morning. It was already 79 degrees at 4:45am.  I was in corral B for the start and while walking there I passed the finish line near the Disneyland Hotel.


It is always a little weird to walk around dressed up like a crazy person at 4:45 in the morning.  If I was anywhere other than Disneyland for a runDisney race it would be quite awkward.


I finally made it to my corral.  I spy corral A in front of me!


The first couple miles of the 10K were through the streets around Disneyland.  We ran through the convention center area which some of you might recognize from the D23 Expo a couple weeks ago.


We entered California Adventure first and in Cars Land I stopped for a picture with Lightening McQueen and Mater.


After running through California Adventure we made our way over to Disneyland. I stopped to take a picture in front of Small World since it is my 3 year old’s favorite ride.

We ran by Small World and did a loop through the backstage area. They had some of the parade floats out as well as some of the horses.
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

We than entered Disneyland again from the backstage in Toontown.


We headed through Fantasyland where I found Alice and the Mad Hatter at mile 5.


Just around the bend from them I found the Queen of Hearts. Off with your head!


I also stumbled upon Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


Through the castle we ran and than through Frontierland.

We exited Disneyland and ran through Downtown Disney to the finish line. It was a REALLY hot humid run, but it was a ton of fun with good characters.

My daughter was only half awake, but already in her Princess Sofia costume to greet me.

A big shout out to my BFF April for the sewing assist for my costume and to Sparkle Athletic for the sparkle sleeves and the the sparkle skirt. I would also like to thank my beautiful daughter Lily for letting me borrow her bunny ears 😉

I would also like to say that I LOVED those of you that recognized me and came up and said hi.  It was so fun meeting some of you.  I am PAINFULLY shy, so I love when people come say hi.

After the 10K we had my daughter’s kids race at 10am and than spent the day in the parks.  The next morning was an early one again for the Disneyland Half.  Look for all of that in the coming posts.

Did you run the Disneyland 10K?


  1. Kim | 5th Sep 13

    Great pics and great recap! Loved that you took the time to really enjoy the parks!

    (I spotted you on Sunday post-race in DCA but, I, like you, am shy and felt bad about interrupting your day…even though we “sort of” had breakfast together at the Tinkerbell runDisney meetup. Great blog!!)

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Sep 13

      Next time definitely say hi!!! If you saw me in DCA I hope it was during my 3 year olds epic meltdown! Hehe

  2. Joy | 5th Sep 13

    Super glad to have met you! Love your blog and twitter feed!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Sep 13

      Joy it was great meeting you too!!! Thank you so much for saying hi. I hope you guys had a great time!

  3. delovelydetails | 5th Sep 13

    Great recap. The heat and humidity was almost unbearable for me. I was not a fan either. But it was a fun race since 90% of it was in the parks. I can’t wait to read your half recap! (P.S. your costume and your daughter are sooooo cute!)

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Sep 13

      Thank you! It was a VERY hot weekend. I had a harder time during the 10k with it than the half. It was so humid that morning.

  4. Vanessa | 5th Sep 13

    Thanks for the pics. I ran my first half at Disneyland last year. I did not realize that they ran the 5K the same morning as the 10K. My kids like running that one, but now sure how we would handle that with the races so close in time. Thanks again. Are you going to Tower of Terror next month?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Sep 13

      Currently I am planning to be at Tower of Terror. I wasn’t going to run it again, but I think I’ve talked myself into it. Last year it was SO hot and humid. It was one of my hardest races ever. Hopefully this year it will redeem itself 🙂

  5. Jenn | 5th Sep 13

    I had so much fun during the 10k! One of our favorite races now. Love your costume!

  6. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 6th Sep 13

    Your costume is awesome!! I also saw you on Sunday, walking back towards Harbor when my husband and I were walking towards the parks. Wish I had said hello but I, too, am shy 🙁

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Sep 13

      You totally should have said hi! Next time for sure!!! It is hard to be shy. I wish I had my husbands not afraid of anything attitude. haha

  7. Jessica | 6th Sep 13

    Loved your recap! I logged on early when registration opened and I was so sad that the 10K sold out so quickly! I was only able to register for the 5k, but Saturday morning was SO HUMID, I was ok with it! It was my first Disney run and I was a little disappointed by the rubber medal we got for the 5k though. It’s an awfully expensive race (even just for the 5k) for a medal that looks like a dress-up toy. Next year it’s the 10k, the half or nothing at all!! (Your costume is adorable!)

    • Half Crazy Mama | 7th Sep 13

      Thank you Jessica. The humidity was almost unbearable that morning. The 10k for me was harder than the half marathon just for that reason. The 10k medal in my opinion is worth the extra miles (and the extra $40 on registration fees 😉 )

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